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Wizardia is a play-to-earn online turn-based blockchain PvP Arena with role-playing game elements that utilize WZRD tokens. The game is still in its alpha version, and full game features are being added one at a time. Wizardia is built on three core gameplay pillars: turn-based combat, player-driven gameplay, and upgrade-based character progression. It rewards those who contribute to the game's metaverse and its real-valued economy system, ensuring no one-way investments. The game is available on PC and mobile platforms.


Wizardia offers three magical game modes for players to enjoy. The first mode is Play-to-Earn Duels, which is the newest and most anticipated PvP mode that allows players to battle one another and win tokens after each victory. Players can choose between two battle modes: beginner or master. To play, players are required to pay an entry fee of $1 or $10, which is returned upon victory along with a portion of their opponent's entry fee. The entry fees are paid in Wizardia's in-game currency, called Essence, which is only exchangeable on the Wizardia website and only with the native Wizardia token.

To play Beginner mode, players are not required to own any Wizard NFTs, but they must pay a $1 entry fee, which is returned upon victory along with a portion of their opponent's entry fee. On the other hand, to play Master mode, players are required to own at least three Wizard NFTs and pay a $10 entry fee, which is also returned upon victory along with a portion of their opponent's entry fee.

The second mode is tournaments, which is a PvE or PvP game mode for both NFT owners and non-owners. Tournaments start and end on a specific date, with prizes being distributed after their conclusion based on the position of the players in the tournament leaderboard. The best performers win WZRD tokens and NFT prizes. The terms of entry vary depending on the type of tournament. PvP tournaments can be free to enter or require a $10 entry ticket and ownership of at least three Wizard NFTs. On the other hand, PvE tournaments always require players to purchase an entry ticket and Wizard NFT ownership.

The third mode is practice mode, which allows players to play the game without owning their own Wizard NFTs. Players will play against a randomly selected human player or a bot if there are no other players online. Each time, players will get a team of wizards and a set of consumables preselected by the game designers. In practice mode, players play for fun and practice, not for prizes. Nonetheless, they have a chance to receive consumable drops after each match.

Token Information

Wizardia has one main governance token, WZRD and an in-game utility currency called Essence. WZRD has a maximum supply of 100,000,000 tokens. On the other hand, Essence is the in-game currency used for all transactions within the game's ecosystem. It has an infinite supply, and its value is tied to the value of WZRD. Essence can be earned by completing various in-game activities, such as winning PvP battles, participating in tournaments, and selling NFTs on the game's marketplace; which will be available in the future.


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