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Wolf Game

Wolf Game

Wolf Game
Simulation, Strategy


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Wolf Game is a play-to-earn blockchain simulation strategy game that allows players to own and breed NFT wolves while earning WOOL tokens on the Ethereum network. Players can build and decorate their own dens and participate in various in-game activities. The game is available to play in browsers.


Wolf Game’s core gameplay revolves around owning and breeding digital wolves. Players can purchase, breed, and raise their own digital wolves, each with its own set of unique traits and characteristics. Breeding allows players to create new and unique offspring by selecting which wolves to breed and what traits they want to pass on. The game also has a battle system for the bred wolves to compete against each other or against other players' wolves.

In addition to breeding and raising wolves, players can also build and decorate their dens. Dens serve as the player's personal space in the game's virtual world, and players can customize them with items and decorations that they can purchase or earn through gameplay. Decorating a den allows players to personalize their own space in the game, making it a reflection of their personality.

The game also includes an in-game marketplace where players can buy and sell wolves, den items, and other virtual goods using WOOL, the in-game currency. It allows players to trade items and wolves with other players, buying, selling, and even auctioning them.

NFT wolves also have unique traits and attributes, like physical appearance, genetics, and so on. This allows players to showcase and prove the rarity of their wolves, making them more valuable and sought-after.

Wolf Game offers a combination of breeding, trading, and building gameplay that allows players to express their creativity, compete with others, and build a virtual economy around owning and trading unique digital assets. As it is a decentralized game, players can also join packs, communities of players who can work together to breed and raise their wolves, trade items, and battle against other packs. The pack's leader can set rules, and players can earn points for their pack.

There is also Cave Game, which is an alternate game mode in Wolf Game and allows the players to explore different caves within the game. The caves have different levels of difficulty as well as different types of resources that can be collected and used to enhance their wolves and dens. Players can also find different kinds of mobs that can be battled to gain experience and rewards. It's a good way to explore the virtual world and find new resources, to challenge players, and to provide an alternative way to get rewards and resources.

Token Information

Wolf Game’s economy is based on the WOOL token, which players can use to purchase items and other in-game resources. The game also includes an in-game marketplace where players can buy and sell wolves, den items, and other virtual goods using WOOL.


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