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Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
World of Cryptoids team
MMO, Adventure

World of Cryptoids (CAC)

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World of Cryptoids is a blockchain-based MMO adventure battler game that utilizes the Binance Smart Chain network with its NFT assets and cryptocurrencies, CAC, and CGC. In the Pokemon-inspired game, players can breed, own, battle, improve, and monetize their NFT Cryptoids. 


Each of the Cryptoids that the game revolves around has its own health, speed, ability, and luck. In addition, each creature has a certain race. These races indicate how much advantage or disadvantage a Cryptoid has over another Cryptoid. For example, an animal race Cryptoid does 15% more damage to a vitamin race Cryptoid, but it does 15% less damage to a spirit race Cryptoid. In total, there are six different Cryptoid races that players can encounter, and every race has the upper hand or deficit against a race. 

The battles in the game are turn-based, and the main objective is to eliminate the opponent by overpowering their three Cryptoids. Each round, players must use a certain amount of energy to make a move. This feature increases the importance of strategic planning and foreseeing the future moves of the opponents. To be the winner of these battles, players must defeat all 3 of the opposing side's Cryptoids, and at least one of their own creatures must survive.

The gameplay of World of Cryptoids consists of three main modes; Adventure Mode, Arena Mode, and Season Ranking. In Adventure Mode, players create three-Cryptoid bands to overcome hardships while traveling on the world map. Upon defeating a set of monsters on a level, they gain the right to move up to the next level. On this adventure, players might face harder and stronger monsters. In that case, being able to defeat them will grant more rewards to players and more experience points to Cryptoids. 

In Arena Mode, players gather teams of Cryptoids to fight against each other and declare their mastery over the opponent. The most significant difference between this turn-based and energy-consuming Adventure Mode is that the opponents are real players, not AI.

Season Mode is the most competitive and the most rewarding game mode of the game. Players participate in battles to receive trophies based on their performances. Their MMR determines their rank; if they lose, they will lose MMR and can even be downgraded to a lower level. At the beginning of each season, players’ rankings reset. Players earn CAC and CGC tokens as rewards at the end of the season based on their performance in this mode.

Token Information

World of Cryptoids uses two different cryptocurrencies, CAC and CGC. The CAC token is the governance token of the game. Players can earn the CAC token by participating in special events and tournaments and selling NFT assets on the game’s marketplace. Players can also use CAC tokens for governance purposes and staking. The CGC token is the in-game token of the game. Players can earn this token by winning in PvE and PvP modes. The CGC token can be used to breed Cryptoids, stake, and increase the energy pool of Cryptoids.

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World of Cryptoids

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