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28.04.2022 20:47:52 UTC


Relaxing game with potential

100+ hours played







It is a fun and good looking game with great visuals. There are several rarities for equipment, each with different stats for earning $WOD, exp or chance of catching fish. Equipment can also be upgraded as you earn more exp. The gameplay is relaxed, slow paced and not time consuming as you don't have to check the game more often than every 3-24 hours. This means that you can easily play the game even when you're busy or play it alongside other games. When you fish you can earn $WOD coins and several rarities of fish which will have different usecases in the future. There is also the possibility to own land, which will let you earn Tax from players fishing there plus additional bonuses.
The game still has to be optimized because the game was recently launched. Developers engage with and listen to the players which is promising for the long term succes of the game. They work hard on new updates which are released every few days, A lot will change in the upcoming weeks/months. At the moment they are developing the game to be partly off-chain to reduce the amount of transactions that are needed. Currently, the game is not very profitable, however this has led to a drop in price of equipment, so you can get these relatively cheap. The game is based on binance chain, so you will need some BNB for transactions. Every player gets some free equipment to try out the game. Don't expect it to be profitable with basic equipment though.
Good luck fishing!

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