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WorldWide Webb

WorldWide Webb

In Development
Webb Technology
RPG, Metaverse
Not available


WorldWide Webb is a metaverse blockchain game that pushes the limits of virtual interaction and gaming. Set in DeSat City, it combines real-world economics, digital collectibles, and social interaction, all supported by blockchain technology. In this game, every choice and action impacts not only your personal story but also the entire game world, creating a truly dynamic and player-driven environment. The game is available on browsers.


WorldWide Webb allows players to buy virtual land, which opens up opportunities to create, own, and trade Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) within the game. This feature taps into the growing NFT market, enabling players to mint unique digital collectibles, from art pieces to in-game items, and trade them within the community or on broader NFT marketplaces.

The game features an exciting PvP component where players can battle using their NFT pets. These pets, like MoonCats or CrypToadz, are not just digital companions but key elements of the combat system. Each pet has unique abilities and stats, adding a strategic dimension to battles.

WorldWide Webb offers a wide variety of items for trade and customization. Players can obtain everything from basic necessities like clothes and furniture to extravagant items like hoverboards and nimbus clouds. This enhances the gameplay experience and supports a thriving in-game economy.

The ultimate challenge in WorldWide Webb is the quest for the keys, an end-game objective that adds intrigue and competition as players race to find these coveted items, unlocking new areas and rewards.

Players in WorldWide Webb are immersed in a diverse metaverse enriched by integrations with various NFT collections. Iconic collections like CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and Cool Cats NFT coexist with fantasy-themed ForgottenRunesWizardsCult and Kaiju Kingz. The game also features creative projects such as Monkeverse, GalacticApes, and CryptoDuckies, adding depth and variety to the gameplay.

Additionally, pet-themed NFTs like PunkCats and Alpacadabraz introduce interactive companions, enhancing the personal experience within the game. These integrations allow players to showcase their digital collectibles and foster a rich, interactive environment, making WorldWide Webb a hub of digital art and community-driven content.

Token Information

The marketplace in WorldWide Webb is a bustling center where players can buy, sell, and trade their NFTs. The rarity and uniqueness of each NFT, whether it's a piece of virtual land, an in-game item, or a digital pet, determine its value. The integration of $WEBB into these transactions ensures a smooth and secure trading experience, leveraging blockchain technology's transparency and security.

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