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Card, Strategy
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Wormfare is a collectible card blockchain game that is set in a dystopian future where resilient mutated worms fight to save the planet from environmental catastrophe. Wormfare's gameplay is designed to be strategic and engaging, offering players a free-to-play gaming experience within a traditional card game structure. The game is available on PC and mobile devices.


At its core, Wormfare is a collectible card game where players assemble decks of unique cards to compete against opponents in turn-based battles. What sets Wormfare apart is its innovative lane system, where three characters engage in combat simultaneously across different lanes—top, middle, and bottom. This system introduces strategic depth, requiring players to balance their actions across multiple fronts, making every decision impactful.

Players start their Wormfare journey with three free NFT skins for their worms, ensuring everyone has a personalized touch from the beginning. As they progress, they collect and upgrade cards, accessories, and characters, each contributing to their strategic arsenal. The progression model is designed to offer a balanced experience, rewarding both skillful gameplay and strategic planning.

Combat in Wormfare is a blend of tactics and adaptability. Players strategically deploy ability cards from their hand, each with unique effects ranging from direct attacks to buffs and debuffs. Managing Action Points (AP) adds another layer of strategy, requiring players to prioritize their actions and make the most of each round.

The PvP battles in Wormfare are dynamic and challenging. Instead of traditional health bars, victory is measured by accumulating victory points through successful actions. This innovative approach shifts the focus to strategy and smart decision-making rather than brute force, encouraging players to explore different tactics and deck compositions.

Wormfare's progression system is designed to reward active participation. Players earn experience points through battles and achievements, advancing their account level and unlocking valuable rewards such as loot boxes, skins, accessories, and boosters of varying rarity. This progression is essential for acquiring powerful cards and enhancing gameplay strategies.

The diversity of cards, accessories, and skins in Wormfare ensures that each player's experience is unique. Cards come in different rarities, with higher rarities offering enhanced abilities and visual effects. Accessories provide buffs and unique abilities, further customizing gameplay styles. Skins, while purely cosmetic, add a personal touch to each player's worms, enhancing the visual appeal of battles.

The deck-building aspect of Wormfare adds another layer of depth. Players can create multiple decks tailored to different strategies, ensuring that every battle feels fresh and exciting. The ability to modify decks after each game allows for continuous adaptation and experimentation, keeping the gameplay dynamic and engaging.

Token Information

The WOFR token operates on the Polygon Blockchain, serving as Wormfare's primary currency. Its utility extends across various in-game features, including staking, trading, and gas fee payments. Players can stake WOFR tokens to earn attractive APY rewards, fostering economic activity within the game. Additionally, the token facilitates in-game trading of NFTs, loot boxes, and digital goods, with transaction fees reinvested into sustainability efforts.

One percent of user rewards is automatically allocated to support social organizations, highlighting Wormfare's commitment to community-driven philanthropy. The token's integration enhances gameplay immersion, promotes strategic decision-making, and incentivizes active participation. Through its diverse utility, WOFR ensures a vibrant, self-sustaining economy within the Wormfare ecosystem.


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