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X-Metaverse is a play-to-earn space exploration blockchain metaverse where players can own NFT items and earn XMETA tokens on the Binance Smart Chain network. Players can use their ships to explore, mine, and fight. The game features several gameplay elements, including galaxy exploration, PVP battles, alliance wars, and space racing. It is available on PC platforms.


In X-Metaverse, players can choose from three different pilot races. Alien Guardian, Mankind, and Al-Shells represent different factions that the players can side with. Players can own a space battleship that can be used in both the PvP and PvE modes. Space battleships can have particle cannons, electromagnetic trail cannons, omega frost turrets, and laser weapons. There are five types of ships: cruiser, frigate, destroyer, bomber, and interceptor. Every ship has armor, turrets, thrusters, and nuclear power parts that can be customized. 

In galaxy exploration, players search for unknown galaxies that have not yet been discovered in the universe. They explore these galaxies, conquer different planets, and fight with unknown enemies in PVE. Players collect resources and upgrade their fleet, which allows them to defeat more powerful unknown enemies and collect more resources. After exploring the galaxy, players can research and upgrade more powerful space battleships in the star lab, as well as improve the pilot's abilities to improve the strength of the space battle. Exploration rewards include Black Box Fragments, URU Metal Fragments, and Energy Cores, and the higher the level of PVE, the more rewards obtained.

PVP battles in X-Metaverse take the form of ranking tournaments. Players battle with other players using their battleships and pilot skill cards to defeat powerful opponents through various strategic combinations. Players will meet stronger opponents as they progress to higher ranks. At the end of the season, the higher the player's ranking in the rankings, the more Token rewards they will get. Players can find the detailed content of the ranking list anytime and anywhere to learn about the opponents at the top of the ranking list.

The Star Alliance War is a PVP game where players form alliances called "Star Alliance." Players can join, leave, or create their own star alliances. Players can also chat, interact, and assist in the same unions. In the X-Metaverse, there is an independent universe, and the unknown planets in it are specially provided to the various interstellar alliances to snatch, so as to obtain various resources; but because of the limited resources, each alliance needs to determine the ownership through war. After each Star Alliance war, the output during the vesting period belongs to the alliance.

The Space Jump is a racing competition that players need to sign up for. Each player sends a pilot to drive a space battleship to race with the other players. Players cannot intervene during the game; the match result will be determined by the attributes of the battleship and the pilot's skill system. Space-battleships have different attributes in terms of acceleration, velocity, and sprint, and these attributes will continue to improve after participating in the competition. The game offers a variety of content, and players can earn rewards such as tokens through different gameplay elements.

In summary, X-Metaverse is a multiplayer game that offers a wide variety of content for players to explore, including galaxy exploration, PVP battles, alliance wars, and space racing. Players can collect resources, upgrade their fleet, and earn rewards as they progress through the game. The game also features a social aspect where players can form alliances and interact with other players. The different gameplay elements offer a unique experience, and the game's token system provides a sense of ownership and scarcity to virtual items.

Token Information

XMETA tokens can be earned from successful participation in PvP tournaments, mining an owned NFT planet, and fighting in ally battles to occupy another planet. Players can use their tokens to buy NFT boxes to mint new items and buy spaceships from the marketplace.


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