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XANA is a play-to-earn metaverse that utilizes a multi-chain network compatible with BSC, Ethereum, and Polygon with its NFTs and cryptocurrency, XETA. XANA Metaverse is a universal Metaverse platform consisting of avatars, lands, worlds, various NFT items, and games.


In XANA, users can create playable content as well as open up virtual education environments, create and sell wearable NFTs, initiate their own fashion brands, buy, sell, or build on lands, as well as lend or rent their land for activities such as virtual concerts or esports tournaments, in an environment that supports both VR, mobile and PC devices. In XANA Native GameFi, players can battle against friends or match up against others. These competition runs can be done with staked governance tokens for higher rewards. Players can compete on global and regional leaderboards of XANA ecosystem games. Tournament wins unlock unique skins and get you a dedicated leaderboard. Participation in the tournament requires an NFT ticket, the purchases of which feed the prize pool.

NFTDuel is a play-to-earn game that utilizes NFTs as one of the game's main elements by turning NFTs into playing cards in a card game genre. Players accumulate cards by purchasing from other players or winning PVP matches. In NFTDuel, the outcome of a match is often determined by the quality of the cards and the player's skill. Paying attention to skills and strategies can increase a player's chances of winning, as the game uses a league system in which players of similar abilities compete against each other. In order to win a match, a player must reduce their opponent's health to zero before their own health is depleted.

Every win grants experience to the player, and as they gain experience, they advance to the next tier or level and receive a new deck of cards. Players can also use their trading cards to mint new NFT tokens, which represent their cards and can be traded on the platform's market or other native marketplaces. This process involves creating a new NFT directly on the blockchain, giving the player complete ownership of the item.

XANA also has the XANALIA NFT marketplace with VR features that allow users to interact with the NFTs in real-time. It offers NFT creators and collectors potential opportunities to trade their digital assets. XANA Metaverse users can create their NFTs at XANALIA and use them in the Metaverse as in-game assets or for creating a unique Metaverse experience that is integrated into 

In XANA metaverse, users can earn through playing games, trading their assets, hosting events that require attendance tickets, building and creating NFT content from games to fashion or educational assets, and can rent their lands or creating NFTs for advertisements.

Token Information

XETA is the main token of the XANA ecosystem and its GameFi. The token economy includes staking, liquidity incentives, and buybacks. It can be used for all types of interactions in the XETA metaverse, such as buying, selling, staking for discounts, playing games, gaining VIP access to special events, bidding on lands or auctions, etc.

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