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XEO is an action first-person shooter web3 game that offers fast-paced, team-based RTX-supported gameplay. Designed for a competitive audience, the game focuses on team cooperation, which rewards player talent and skill over the traditional pay-to-earn model. The game is available on PC.


XEO allows 32 players, divided into 8 teams, to compete in various missions and objectives. The game's core revolves around teamwork and strategic thinking. Players spawn on the map with their pistols and can loot the equipment scattered around. The match ends when a team earns 150 kills or a 15-minute time limit reaches zero. Players earn experience points at the end of the match, with the first three teams and the game's MVP receiving XEO tokens as rewards.

Players can create or take in-game quests using contracts. These contracts are divided into three categories: daily, mission, and challenge. Daily contracts are freely accessible to all XEO players. They are automatically assigned based on the player’s level or rankings.

By completing these tasks within a specified time, players earn extra XP. Mission contracts are aimed at players seeking additional tasks. These time-limited tasks can be purchased from the marketplace. Additionally, challenge contracts facilitate challenges exclusively among players who activate them, providing competition among fellow players.

The game's environment offers an array of weapons, runes, and abilities that players can utilize. XEO’s marketplace features a variety of in-game NFT items like runes, skills, skins, and equipment. The XEO pass allows players to engage in a three-month-long gaming season where most rewards are distributed.

Players can start their journey in XEO by simply verifying their Metamask wallet, allowing free access to the game. As they progress, players can climb the in-game rank system and acquire features using XEO tokens or through in-game quests and activities.

There are Affiliate, Clan, and Merchant NFT’s that the players can utilize in the game to earn rewards. Affiliate NFTs are specifically tailored for influencers, allowing them to monetize their influence and earn additional income through their followers. Clan NFTs, on the other hand, are pivotal for in-game team and clan formation. Moreover, merchant NFTs are designed to balance the buyer-seller ratio in the marketplace. Players can set up their shops, sell items, and earn commissions.

Token Information

XEO utilizes its native XEO Tokens as the primary in-game currency. These tokens have not been minted yet and are currently on the Polygon testnet. In the XEO ecosystem, the tokens are used for purchasing various in-game items and participating in special events and offers.


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