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Xpansion is a play-to-earn blockchain-based strategy sandbox game that utilizes the Binance Smart Chain network with its NFT assets and cryptocurrency, XPS. In the game, players leave the planet Earth to search for new habitable worlds in order to settle and acquire precious resources. The main task of the explorers is to establish colonies on the discovered planets, protect and maintain their colonies at all costs.


Players need an NFT land to establish their colonies. Lands can be bought or rented from the marketplace of the game. Once they have land, they can build mining robots, laboratories, refineries, and drilling structures on it. Mining robots increase mineral production, laboratories improve life modules, refineries increase organic material production, and drilling structures increase metal and soil production. Every piece of equipment placed on the land tiles is also an NFT asset. These NFTs can have common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, or mythic rarity levels. As the rarity level increases, the advantages of NFT increase at the same rate. 

In the game, players can upgrade their empty lands and turn them into a habitat, a settlement, a colony, and an arcology, respectively. Developed lands provide more resources and XPS token production capacity. As the land is developed, so does its area, so the income generated by using more NFT assets can be increased as well.

In addition to developing their colonies and obtaining resources, players can also experience the arena called Cygnus Arena. Players must form 3-man battle teams and have arena tickets to participate in these arenas. When successful in the arena, players are rewarded with XRP tokens and NFT assets with high rarity levels.

Token Information

Xpansion uses the XPS token as its native cryptocurrency. Players can earn XPS tokens mainly by owning land, mining on land, and being active in the game. Since it’s not possible to gain passive income by solely owning or mining land, players have to upgrade their lands by using XPS tokens. Also, in-game NFT assets can be bought, sold, or traded with XPS tokens.

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