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Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
Singularity Studio
Action, RPG, MMO

ZOO Crypto World (ZOO)

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Developer Singularity Studio
Volume $40.24 K
Website zoogame.app




Zoo Crypto World is a play-to-earn ecosystem where players can earn NFTs by staking, battling against other players and monsters. The game operates on the Binance Smart Chain and has two currencies, ZOO and KEY tokens.


The NFTs in the game have 5 different rarity levels; Junk, Normal, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Epic and Legendary animals can be upgraded to a maximum level of 30. Every ten levels add a star to an NFT, which increases their power. Players can order NFTs to mine, which will provide passive income. The mining power of an NFT is based on their rarity level. NFTs can form teams of four per animal type for bonuses. 3 NFT animals can also be merged into a Universal Animal NFT, which can be used to upgrade any card.

Combat consists of three modes. PvP, PvE, and MMORPG (in development). Players must pay at least 1 ZOO token, which counts as a ticket in order to be eligible for rewards. More tickets will yield more prizes. PvP mode requires players to create an attack and defense team with three cards. They battle in an arena to reach a top score of 200 for rewards. PvE mode is a fight against a boss, which requires only one card to carry out. This is a much more beginner-friendly mode, and there is a limit of two boss fights per day. The incoming MMORPG mode will include role-playing elements such as skills, talents, and equipment usage.

Token Information

ZOO tokens act as governance tokens that allows voting. They can be staked. They are rewarded from jungle camps, used to boost farming rewards, and can be used in the marketplace. KEY tokens are used for opening chests that contain NFTs, and they are offered as rewards in PvE and PvP modes.

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Zoo Crypto World

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