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SPIN-TRIVIA farm’s daily >1% APR on Spindex

SPIN-TRIVIA farm’s daily >1% APR on Spindex is a great opportunity to boost your income! Let’s take a look at how you can generate sustainable income with our farms & pools.

Step 1:

Allocate $50 (50% of your investment) of SPIN-BNB LP to stake in the SPIN-BNB farm and $50 (50% of your investment) of SPIN in the SPIN-TRIVIA single staking pool.

Step 2: 

Now the SPIN-BNB LP farm will start to generate $SPIN rewards, and the SPIN-TRIVIA pool will generate $TRIVIA rewards for you simultaneously at similar rates since their daily APRs are close to each other.

Step 3:

Next, you harvest your earnings from the SPIN-BNB LP farm and SPIN-TRIVIA pool and pair them to create a SPIN-TRIVIA LP token.

Step 4:

Then, stake your SPIN-TRIVIA LP in the SPIN-TRIVIA farm to take advantage of higher APRs, so you can generate another source of $SPIN rewards to maximize your earning potential.

Step 5:

Finally, your stake in the SPIN-TRIVIA LP farm will start generating $SPIN rewards for you, which you can stake in the single SPIN-TRIVIA pool again to increase your TRIVIA reward earnings.

...or you can directly invest in SPIN-TRIVIA LP and enjoy >400% APR! 

Click here to visit Spindex and get started!


SPIN-TRIVIA farm’s daily >1% APR on Spindex

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