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What's Spintop? Roadmap Team Whitepaper

Introducing SPINTOP

Connecting web3 games and gamers.


What is Spintop?

Spintop is a web3 gaming aggregator with publishing capabilities, bringing together a wide range of games, facilitating secure trading of assets while supporting user growth, and crowdfunding projects through its integrated community and SPIN token ecosystem.


  • Gamepedia

    A comprehensive web3 games library put together with user needs in mind. Attracts thousands of games, gamers, and investors every month.

  • Staking

    The place where $SPIN and gaming tokens lead to new opportunities. High-APR pools and farms. Easy and secure.

  • Launchpad

    A tierless and unrestricted web3 game launcher where holding 15,000 $SPIN is enough to join: no draws, no waiting, no pulling favors.

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  • NFT Marketplace

    A marketplace where gaming NFTs can be borrowed, lent, bought, or sold. Offers win-win situations for both investors and gamers.


  • Q2 2024

    • Spintop 2.0 Launch
    • User Profiles
    • Quests & Raffles
    • Events and Leaderboard
  • Q3 2024

    • In Game Assets
    • Token Swap Aggregator
    • NFT Starter Kits & Bundle Packs
    • Lootboxes
  • Q4 2024

    • NFT Marketplace Launch
  • Q2 2025

    • Spin Wallet and NFT Rental
  • Q4 2025

    • Factions (Collective Ownership)


  • Member 01/04

    Sinan Gülfidan


    Sinan is a creative engineer and a serial entrepreneur, specializing in system architecture and business management. He has founded multiple successful businesses in various industries, from telecommunication and fintech to e-commerce. He is a long-term crypto enthusiast and a dedicated gamer.

  • Member 02/04

    Batu Dal


    Batu is a tech-oriented entrepreneur with vast experience in business model innovation and strategy setting. After founding multiple businesses in various sectors, he has been working as a Product Manager in one of the new ventures innovating new housing solutions. Batu also manages a Web 3 agency that provides end-to-end blockchain solutions.

  • Member 03/04

    Alemşah Öztürk


    Founder of the most awarded digital ad agency in Turkey, 4129 Grey. Honored by awards and invited juries at Cannes Lions, Clio, Eurobest, GoldenDrum, D&AD, Webby, NYC Festivals, and more. Acknowledged as entrepreneur and model angel investor of Turkey by current POTUS Joe Biden. Board member of GREY Global Digital Council and Regional Creative Board. Author and also a columnist at Harvard Business Review.

  • Member 04/04

    Kaan Kayabalı


    Kaan is an award-winning serial entrepreneur and electronics engineer. Founded digital media, IoT, e-commerce, and mobile gaming businesses with over 500 employees across offices in Turkey, the US, UK, Dubai, Belgium, and Singapore. The US edition of the MIT Review chose Kaan as one of the top 10 Turkish innovators under 35.


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