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What Are NFT Marketplaces and Which Ones Are the Best?

Well, you have done your research, looked at some projects, and decided that you want to purchase some NFT assets. You might be thinking of using them for some crypto games or even just for a Twitter profile picture. The first thing that you should look for is NFT projects. If you are mainly looking to make profits, minting an NFT directly from the collections’ site would be cheaper than buying from NFT marketplaces. However, if you are looking to own an NFT from a collection that has finished its minting period and is sold out, your only option is to look at NFT marketplaces.

There are many marketplaces that sell all kinds of NFT assets. You can think of them as shopping sites that don’t require any shipping. You simply connect your wallet to an NFT marketplace, make your transaction with your cryptocurrency in your wallet, and the NFT you have purchased will be delivered to your wallet or the profile section of the marketplace. 

In order to sell your NFT assets, you can either list them at a buy-now price or have an auction set up with a minimum bid amount in most NFT marketplaces. Nevertheless, there are fees involved, such as the listing fees and the marketplace’s cut from the purchases, which will put you at a loss if you haven’t been planning ahead. You should be evaluating if it’s even worth it to try to sell an NFT if its chances of selling in the first place are very low.

Which Marketplaces Are the Best?

NFT marketplaces are opening up left and right all over the crypto world. You can easily find the most well-known ones like OpenSea, Rarible, and Binance. When choosing what marketplace to use, you should choose the ones that fit your needs. If you have decided what kind of NFT you are looking for, you can scroll down and see which marketplaces you can use. We will be listing many NFT marketplaces and explaining their general uses below. Let’s go! 

What Are the Biggest NFT Marketplaces?

OpenSea, The Marketplace Supreme

OpenSea is the Amazon of NFT marketplaces. It is the largest marketplace and the leader in sales by the number of NFTs in its inventory. 150 different payment tokens are also supported, so you won’t have any trouble purchasing your desired NFTs. OpenSea covers all types of NFTs over a wide range of categories and uses Ethereum and Polygon networks. It supports fourteen different crypto wallets.

Rarible, The Community Center

Rarible is one of the larger marketplaces that sells all kinds of art, like videos, artwork, collectibles, and music NFTs. Creators can show a sneak peek of their work to everyone and limit the full version of the project to the buyers. It is a Russian-based community-owned marketplace that utilizes Ethereum, Flow, and Tezos networks. When you mint an NFT, you can choose which token you’ll use.

Nifty Gateway, The Digital Auction Platform

Nifty Gateway is a marketplace that is known for its two very expensive NFT sales; Pak’s The Merge and Beeple’s Crossroad. It is backed by the Gemini exchange. This platform features many celebrity NFT drops and, as a result, draws a lot of attention from Twitter. It allows you to buy NFTs using fiat (government-issued) currencies and utilizes the Ethereum blockchain network.

Axie Marketplace, The Axie Homeland

Axie Marketplace is used for, well, Axie Infinity NFTs called Axies. Axies are creatures that can be owned and trained in the game to participate in battles against other players. The marketplace accepts Axie Shards, the native token of Axie Infinity.

Larva Labs, The Home of CryptoPunks

Larva Labs is known for its CryptoPunks NFT project, which was 10,000 randomly generated characters with pixelated aesthetics. They were given for free back when they were first released and were sold out. Nowadays, each CryptoPunk NFT is sold for thousands of dollars. 

NBA Top Shot, The Place for Licensed NBA Goods

NBA Top Shot is the National Basketball Association’s marketplace that sells collectible highlights and video clips of NBA players. The marketplace is a closed one, meaning that you can only buy and sell items on Top Shot, which utilizes the Flow Blockchain. The NFTs also feature artwork besides the clips, making them highly unique pieces. If you are an avid basketball fan and are looking for collectibles, Top Shop is a great place to start.

Magic Eden, The Leading Marketplace on Solana

Magic Eden is a Solana-based NFT marketplace that features digital art and NFT drops. Solana is a newer and environmentally friendly blockchain that has been growing ever since. If you are looking to get into Solana NFTs, you should definitely check out Magic Eden.

Coinbase NFT, The Public Marketplace

Coinbase NFT is a community-focused marketplace with exclusive NFT drops. Even though its trade volume is a bit low, we can associate this with it being one of the newer marketplaces. It has a user-friendly UI and can be connected to the Coinbase crypto wallet.

Binance NFT, The Area for NFTs and Mystery Boxes

Binance NFT is the marketplace of one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges. It is supported by its own blockchain, the Binance Smart Chain network. It has very low fees, and users can use ETH, BUSD, and BNB to purchase NFTs.

SuperRare, The Digital Art Gallery

SuperRare acts as a gallery more than a marketplace. It values artists who are passionate about their art and their credibility. SuperRare accepts select artists that apply to their marketplace, creating a curated catalog that is very high-end. It utilizes the Ethereum blockchain network.

Async Art, The Programmable Art Zone

Async Art features and sells programmable art. This means that the art that is featured can evolve over time. They are generated and interactive digital assets. The marketplace both supports the owners and the creators by allowing them to interact with each other. It is built on the Ethereum network.

MakersPlace, The Marketplace for Creative Minds

MakersPlace is a marketplace that features commercial and fine art made by established artists. This makes it so that the NFTs that are sold are on the expensive side, but you know you are getting them from a known artist. Artists sign their works digitally before listing them, making them authentic and non-reproducible to the buyer.

KnownOrigin, The UK-based Marketplace

KnownOrigin focuses on and lists collectible art and photography. The marketplace features limited and curated NFT drops from supported collaborations. Artists need to apply before their work can be listed. The marketplace utilizes the Ethereum network.

Jump.Trade, The Play-To-Earn Corner

Jump.Trade is an NFT marketplace that is on the Polygon network that features a select number of artists, brands, and celebrities. It is also one of the homes of play-to-earn NFTs. The fees are generally very low on this platform since it is an exclusive one for selected NFTs.

Foundation, The Exclusive Marketplace

Foundation is an invite-only marketplace where creators need an invite code to mint their NFT artworks. Artists are invited by the Foundation community. It is a premium marketplace for exclusive digital art. Creators can get royalties from secondary sales of their works. It is built on the Ethereum network.

AtomicMarket, The Shared Region

AtomicMarket is a shared liquidity market where every item listed on the market can also be shown on other markets. The assets in the Atomic ecosystem can be bought, sold, and auctioned in this marketplace. Anyone can tokenize their assets with the Atomic standard and can get a listing on the market. It is built on the WAX blockchain network.

Mintable, The Community-Controlled Marketplace

Mintable is an open marketplace that features all sorts of digital NFT work. The platform supports all kinds of artists, ranging from musicians to photographers, who would want to sell their work as digital assets. It is built on the Ethereum network.

Theta Drop, The Place for Theta Blockchain Users

Theta Drop is the marketplace for the Theta blockchain platform. It is a marketplace that is made for the decentralized distribution of video and television assets. In order to make a transaction in the marketplace, you will need Theta tokens.

BakerySwap, The All-In-One Platform

BakerySwap is one of the NFT marketplaces that is built on the Binance Smart Chain network. Aside from buying and selling NFTs, users can directly swap and trade liquidity assets with each other. Unlike Ethereum-based platforms, NFT assets can be bought using BNB.

Solanart, The First Solana Marketplace

Solanart is an NFT marketplace that is exclusively on the Solana blockchain network. It allows users to buy, sell, and mint all sorts of NFTs on Solana. Solanart features collections such as SolPunks, Aurory, and Degenerate Ape Academy that have accumulated millions of dollars of trade volume. Unlike other markets, Solanart NFTs are listed from curated sets of collections.  

Stashh, The Private Marketplace

Stashh is a marketplace that is popular among users who value their privacy. It allows NFT creators to sell their work and protect their IP while exchanging tokens with the buyers. It provides total control over the assets and how the transactions take place.

GameStop, The Immutable X NFT Platform for Gamers

GameStop is an upcoming NFT marketplace that is associated with the American video game retailer of the same name. The platform will primarily focus on gaming-related NFTs such as characters, costumes, weapons, armor, and more. It will be on the Immutable X network.


What Are NFT Marketplaces and Which Ones Are the Best?


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