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Bullieverse is a blockchain metaverse offering a selection of games for its players who own BULL tokens and NFTs. They can partake in games such as Bear Hunt, Necrodemic, Long Horn, and Bull Run. Players can also attain the title of Citizen of Bulliver Island (COBI) by acquiring NFT bulls and gaining the ability to receive rewards. The game is available on PC.


Bullieverse introduces a collection of 10,000 distinct and algorithmically generated NFT bulls, each characterized by a unique combination of traits encompassing skin color, facial expressions, clothing, horns, and accessories. With over 160 different traits, they serve as avatars within the Bullieverse games.

Players can be a part of the Bulliver Island; They can join activities, engage with community members, and make friends. Owning a Bull NFT grants access to exclusive competitions and games within the metaverse, where participants can earn rewards.

Citizenship in Bullieverse is given upon those who purchase a Bull NFT, providing full ownership and benefits. These benefits include play-and-earn opportunities, ownership of in-game assets, NFT drops, in-game perks, and the ability to level up NFTs through active participation in the game’s economy. The level of play-and-earn rewards is influenced by the rarity of the Bull NFT and the number of NFTs owned by a player. Bullieverse also boasts a native marketplace, where NFT holders can trade and rent their assets to fellow players, allowing access to exclusive events and games to earn enhanced rewards.

The Bear Hunt is an objective based shooter game where players have to defend Capitol City against the bears that have invaded the Verity Village. It features levels where bears defend outposts which the players have to overtake. 

Necrodemic, on the other hand, is a free-to-play survival mode where infected zombie bears attack the players. Players must defeat these foes to earn essence, which can be used to purchase powerful weapons, ammo, and perks. The game offers procedurally generated maps and random enemy spawns. 

Moreover, Bull Run is an endless runner game where players have to collect resources while trying to survive against time. In addition to single-player modes, Bullieverse plans to introduce PvP and co-op modes. Long Horn, a multiplayer PvP battle royale built on Unreal Engine 5, features fast-paced combat.

Token Information

The Bullieverse ecosystem is fueled by its native currency, BULL tokens. These tokens are used for trading in-game assets on the Bullieverse Marketplace. Additionally, the marketplace incorporates NFT leveling and battle passes. Ownership and trading of Bull NFTs are facilitated through OpenSea and the Bullieverse Marketplace.


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