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QORPO Game Studio
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AneeMate is an open-world extraction shooter action blockchain game that allows players to embark on a quest in a mythical world where they encounter AneeMates. These are uniquely designed creatures with magical powers and distinct appearances. These creatures evoke the innocence of little kittens while simultaneously conveying a sense of imminent danger. The narrative thrust of the game centers on saving these creatures from the perils threatening their existence, offering a compelling blend of adventure and responsibility. The game is available on PC.


AneeMate introduces a dynamic and high-mobility gameplay experience, incorporating elements of Battle Royale and a revolutionary turn-based fighting system. Players navigate the expansive open world, consisting of various islands, each hosting distinct AneeMates tied to different elements. The game's movement mechanics, such as gliding, grapple hooks, and double jumps, facilitate rapid traversal across this diverse landscape of adventure, myth, and danger.

The core of AneeMate’s gameplay revolves around the extraction and collection of these mythical creatures. Players can embark on solo journeys or form squads of three to traverse the Hidden Island, battling formidable bosses and overcoming hazardous terrain. The game’s Battle Royale element adds a competitive edge, pushing players to strategically plan their moves and outsmart opponents to capture AneeMates.

Players face the challenge of assembling a team of AneeMates or venturing solo to combat malevolent bosses and navigate perilous environments. The mission is to rescue these creatures from enslavement and oppression. Exploration and tactical prowess are crucial, as each AneeMate possesses unique powers and vulnerabilities that evolve over time. Players can acquire and manage digital assets, such as AneeMates, equipment, and skills. Players must strategize their approach, leveraging skill trees and abilities to enhance their characters and AneeMates, ensuring their survival and success in the game’s immersive world.

Token Information

At the heart of AneeMate’s web3 integration is the QORPO Token, establishing a comprehensive gaming ecosystem that bridges traditional gameplay with blockchain innovation. This token not only facilitates in-game transactions but also symbolizes ownership and progress within the game. The QORPO Token serves as a medium for players to engage with the game’s economy, allowing them to trade, upgrade, and personalize their assets in a decentralized and secure environment.


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