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Arcas Champions

Arcas Champions

Block Ape Scissors
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Arcas Champions is a third-person ability shooter action blockchain game that features the planet Arcas, where two factions, the Village Elites and the Renegades, fight for supremacy amidst a backdrop of jungle terrain and civil unrest. This competitive, objective-based game highlights teamwork and player synergies, with the focal point being the control of the enigmatic Bastonium crystals. The game integrates a unique Web3 DeFi & gaming protocol called Skillstaking, promoting a compete-to-earn model that gives players substantial influence in the game's development and a share in its revenue based on their in-game rank. The game is available on PC.


Arcas Champions plunges players into the heart of a persistent conflict on planet Arcas, where they must navigate the complex dynamics between the Village Elites and the Renegades. This narrative-driven backdrop sets the stage for intense third-person shooter action, where strategy, skill, and teamwork are paramount. Players assume the role of champions, powerful ape warriors with distinct abilities and attributes, each pivotal in the struggle for dominance and control over the coveted Bastonium crystals.

The gameplay offers players a spectrum of tactical choices and play styles. Champions come equipped with a set of stats that influence their performance in battle: strength boosts melee attacks, agility enhances movement, health increases survivability, intelligence speeds up ability cooldowns, and luck provides random health and ammo refills. This system allows for a tailored approach to each match, with players optimizing their champions based on their preferred tactics.

Totems, the game’s ability system, further diversify the gameplay. These are categorized into three types: damage, utility, and super, each with unique effects and cooldown periods. Players must strategically manage these abilities during matches, deciding when to unleash powerful attacks or deploy utility skills to support their team.

The game offers three main modes to cater to different preferences. Tribe Wars is an 8v8 mode where two teams vie for victory in a classic team deathmatch setup, emphasizing raw combat and territorial control. Tribe supremacy shifts the focus to objective-based play, with teams battling over strategic points on the map, requiring careful planning and coordination to secure victory. Brawl mode offers a more intimate and intense experience in a 4v4 setup, where every round is a high-stakes battle and each player’s contribution is critical to the team’s success.

Looking ahead, Arcas Champions plans to introduce Banana Fever, a unique mode that combines resource gathering and area control. In this 8v8 mode, teams must collect bananas and store them in their vault while disrupting the enemy’s collection efforts. This mode will demand a balance of aggressive offense and steadfast defense as players navigate the risk of losing collected bananas upon death.

In addition to these gameplay experiences, Arcas Champions is set to offer a competitive ladder in both casual and ranked play, where the acquisition of Champions through purchase allows for deep customization and progression. Players will have the opportunity to fine-tune their champions’ stats and totems, enabling a highly personalized playstyle that can evolve with the player’s strategy and skill level.

With its engaging lore, strategic depth, and dynamic gameplay modes, Arcas Champions offers a rich and immersive experience for players looking to dominate the battlegrounds of Arcas and carve out their legacy among the warring ape factions.

Token Information

Arcas Champions leverages blockchain technology to incorporate a rank system and prestige earnings, where player performance and skillstaking by ARCAS token holders converge to afford governance and revenue share within the game’s ecosystem. Champions, representing players' avatars, are NFTs participating in the compete-to-earn system, fostering a new economic model for eSports and competitive gaming. The game, while free-to-play, offers premium options like purchasable Champion characters and skins, with all transactions secured as NFTs on the blockchain. The upcoming Beta will feature a play-to-airdrop campaign.


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