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ChainGunnies is a blockchain first-person shooter (FPS) survival game set in the dystopian realm of Buntopia and features the CGG token. The game is a part of the ChainBoost ecosystem. Players are thrust into a post-apocalyptic nightmare where they must defend Buntopia against an unrelenting horde of Zombunnies. ChainGunnies merges the FPS genre with survival and horde-defending gameplay elements. To enter this nightmarish world, players must hold digital assets representing either ChainBunnies or ZomBunnies.


In ChainGunnies, players have to survive the relentless assault of Zombunnies. These mutated creatures relentlessly attack Buntopia. To start playing the game, ownership of digital assets representing either ChainBunnies or ZomBunnies is required. Players can choose between solo-slayer mode or team up with up to three fellow Buntopians in multiplayer mode.

Solo Slayer mode is the single-player mode where players go head-to-head with the Zombunnies. Their mission is to search the haunted Buntopian Manor for weapons to fend off the enemy. Players can climb to the top of the leaderboard and discover how long they can survive in this mode. Multiplayer Slayer Mode is the multiplayer counterpart of Solo Slayer mode. Teamwork is key in this mode since players have to join forces with other players to coordinate attacks against Zombunnies.

Battle Royale mode is a player-versus-player mode where players have to outlast their opponents and defend the position called "Top of the Hops." Survival is the only way to victory, since the last man standing in the zone wins the game. Arcade Mode, on the other hand, is for players seeking a fast-paced experience with Zombunnies spawning at an accelerated rate. It is a survival mode that is exclusive to Rage NFT holders.

In ChainGunnies, players spawn with a pistol, some essential ammo, and a couple of grenades. However, the map hides various weapons that can be acquired with points. As players progress, they will be able to purchase additional weapons, weapon upgrades, and perks to enhance their chances of survival. Unlocking rooms across the map also provides valuable escape routes for players.

Token Information

ChainGunnies has a community-driven economy that is powered by the CGG token. Players are encouraged to participate in the CGG Community DAO to have a say in governance and shaping the future direction of ChainGunnies. CGG token can be earned by participating in different game modes and placing highly on the leaderboard


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