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Katana Inu

Katana Inu

Chain Vision Games


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Katana Inu is a blockchain shooter action game that allows players to battle against others either in a battle royale or in a competitive match. Developed by Chain Vision Games, Katana Inu offers each player a unique character NFTs with different abilities and various skills. The game is playable on the PC platform.


Katana Inu offers two primary modes of gameplay: battle royale and the arena. Battle royale serves as Katana Inu's flagship mode, which allows up to 60 players and provides an open-world map for players to fight on. Players can prefer to form squads or go solo in this mode. 

Arena mode, on the other hand, is for players seeking more focused battles. Katana Inu offers smaller map arenas for 1v1 and 3v3 combat experiences. These arenas provide an alternative to the battle royale if the players want to focus on fragging. Additionally, monthly tournaments are held in which players can compete for rare NFTs and KATA tokens. These tournaments are livestreamed on popular streaming platforms.

NFTs are featured in the game, primarily as skins and cosmetic in-game assets. While they do not provide any advantages in battle, these NFTs allow players to personalize their characters and gameplay experience. Players can acquire a variety of in-game items, including weapons, abilities, spells, poses, and skins, all of which can be earned through gameplay.

Moreover, the game also has in-game tasks that unlock hidden abilities and skill sets for each character. These challenges allow players to upgrade and progress their character's capabilities. Furthermore, there are seven different factions that the characters can belong to: Katana Monk Sect, Kodo Priests, Bull Clan, Bear Clan, Shukutai Record Keepers, Assassin Clan, and Wild Shukutai.

The Katana Inu ecosystem has its own native NFT marketplace. This marketplace extends beyond Katana Inu's offerings, allowing creators, artists, and developers from across the digital realm to showcase and trade their NFT artwork.

Token Information

For KATA token holders, the marketplace offers an environment where they can stake, purchase, or trade in-game items such as skins and weapons. These items allow players to customize their gaming experience. KATA tokens also serve as the backbone of the Katana Inu economy, facilitating various in-game activities and transactions. Players can earn KATA tokens by participating in tournaments, completing in-game challenges, and winning battles. Additionally, KATA tokens offer governance rights within the Katana Inu ecosystem, enabling players to shape the game's future through voting mechanisms.


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