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Kokodi Inc.
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Kokodi is a free-to-play third-person fantasy shooter action blockchain game that transports players to a magical virtual world filled with fast-paced PvP and team battles. With its NFT character collection, diverse races, and strategic gameplay, Kokodi features various PvE and PvP game modes. The game is available on PC.


In Kokodi, exploration is key to its intricately designed world. Players can venture into different regions, each with its own unique environments, creatures, and resources to discover. Whether traversing lush forests, navigating dark and mysterious nightscapes, or encountering futuristic alien landscapes, exploration is rewarded with hidden treasures, rare materials, and opportunities for adventure.

The game's character system features 5555 characters divided into four races—Human, Forest, Night, and Alien—and players can choose their avatar based on their preferred playstyle and objectives. Each race brings distinct strengths and weaknesses, encouraging players to experiment with different character builds and strategies. For instance, human characters excel in social interactions and trade, making them ideal for diplomatic roles within clans and communities. On the other hand, forest characters possess agility and nature-based abilities, making them formidable in stealth and exploration tasks.

Kokodi provides players with a wide range of activities and challenges across its different game modes. Engagement in PvP (Player vs. Player) and PvE (Player vs. Environment) modes provides diverse gameplay experiences. PvP modes like Arena Battles and Clan Wars test players' combat skills, teamwork, and strategic decision-making. Players can form alliances, coordinate tactics, and compete for dominance in intense battles that require quick reflexes and effective coordination.

In PvE modes such as Raids, Dungeons, and Events, players embark on cooperative adventures to overcome challenges, defeat powerful foes, and acquire valuable rewards. Raids, in particular, offer thrilling cooperative experiences where players must collaborate to survive hostile environments, collect resources, and complete objectives within time constraints. Dungeons introduce seasonal quest-based challenges, encouraging guilds to work together to unravel mysteries, solve puzzles, and earn exclusive rewards.

The game's crafting system adds a layer of customization to gameplay. Players can gather resources from the environment, participate in trade, and utilize their hideouts to craft a variety of items, equipment, and enhancements. Crafting machines such as weaving, forging, and alchemical workshops enable players to create unique gear, consumables, and artifacts that enhance their characters' capabilities and progression.

Additionally, Kokodi's social and community features foster player interaction, collaboration, and competition. Clans, guilds, and social hubs provide platforms for players to connect, trade, share knowledge, and organize events. Seasonal challenges, leaderboard rankings, and in-game achievements incentivize continuous engagement and skill development, ensuring a dynamic and evolving gaming experience for players of all levels.

Token Information

Kokodi operates on its native token, KOKO, which serves as the primary currency within the game's ecosystem. Players can use KOKO to purchase NFTs, trade items in the marketplace, and participate in in-game activities. The marketplace offers a range of NFTs with different rarities and attributes, allowing players to invest in valuable assets and enhance their gaming experience. Additionally, KOKO tokens are integrated into the game's economic system, facilitating player interactions and driving the in-game economy.


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