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Shockwaves is an online first-person blockchain action shooter that integrates music and AI to offer a different gameplay experience while also utilizing its token, NEUROS. The game's unique blend of AI-controlled Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and music-driven mechanics creates an environment where strategy and skill converge. Developed by Raptor Lab, Shockwaves is set to launch in Q4 2023 and is currently in its alpha stage.


At the core of Shockwaves lies a dynamic gameplay that combines music, AI, and competitive shooting. Teams engage in battles to dismantle their opponents' bases, with victory hinged on factors such as kill-to-death ratios and total eliminations.

The game features AI NFTs, each with its own unique personality, skills, and evolving background. They can be controlled by their owners or operate autonomously, mimicking human-like behavior. The AI NFTs actively participate in matches, contributing to the overall experience while maintaining distinct identities. The rewards earned by AI NFTs within the game are directed to their owners, with AI entities having the autonomy to invest a portion of their earnings in weaponry and equipment.

The synergy between music and gameplay is pivotal. Music drives player movement and influences weapon damage, creating an environment where sound and combat are intertwined. Additionally, the visual aspects of the game environment are influenced by the music, fostering an immersive ambiance.

The game is initially accessible on Elixir, with potential expansion to platforms like the Epic Store and Steam. As the game progresses towards its full release in Q4 2023, there are more features, optimizations, and opportunities for engagement to be added.

While NFTs play a significant role in Shockwaves' economic ecosystem, they are not mandatory for entry. Players without wallets or those new to the world of NFTs can utilize AI NFTs owned by others, who will share in the proceeds generated during gameplay.

Furthermore, the game features exclusive NFTs, including AI Agents and weaponry, which serve as collectible assets that enhance gameplay. AI Agents can be utilized by players directly or rented out for passive income generation. Weapons, as NFTs, contribute to players' success in battles, enabling greater rewards.

Token Information

The game's native token, NEUROS, functions as the primary in-game currency and is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). NEUROS token has liquidity on the Binance Smart Chain and can be traded on various cryptocurrency exchanges. It offers players the ability to purchase in-game items, ranging from equipment to loot boxes. Token holders can also engage in staking, earning passive rewards like additional tokens and valuable in-game assets. The degree of staking corresponds to various tiers of rewards.

NEUROS holders who engage in staking gain the privilege of participating in the game's governance model, exercising voting rights on crucial decisions and community proposals.


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