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Shrapnel is an action shooter blockchain game that allows players to battle against each other in a high-stakes environment known as The Zone. Players assume the role of operators working for various Military-Extraction Factions (MEFs). The game stands out for its competitive gameplay that emphasizes skill, strategy, and risk management. Shrapnel incorporates collecting and using gear as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and is available on PC.


In Shrapnel, the core objective for players is to locate and extract valuable resources. This pursuit places them in direct competition with other operators. Players begin by customizing their operators with gear suited to their playstyle. This NFT gear is a critical component of gameplay; it is lost upon death, compelling players to make calculated decisions at every turn.

The game features three distinct operator classes: Assault, Survivalist, and Infosec, each with its own unique progression and abilities. This variety provides players with different strategies and allows them to form dynamic alliances or rivalries. For newcomers or those seeking less risk, a temporary contract operator character is available, offering a different, lower-stakes experience.

In terms of equipment, Shrapnel offers a wide range, from dependable, low-tech gear to advanced but less reliable technology. This diversity enables players to tailor their loadouts creatively. The game also features a variety of weapon classes, each influencing the player's style. While certain items like grenades and med kits are single-use and non-tradable, technology items like night-vision goggles provide lasting advantages without being consumable.

Player-created tournaments add another layer of engagement, allowing users to set up their own competitive events with unique rules and rewards. Additionally, players can participate in various missions tied to gameplay, content creation, and marketplace activities to earn SHRAP token rewards.

Token Information

Shrapnel introduces its native token, SHRAP, which is integral to its ecosystem. SHRAP tokens serve several purposes within the game. Players can participate in DAO and sub-DAO votes, influencing the platform's direction. SHRAP is also used to compensate validators, maintaining the integrity and efficiency of the blockchain system. Additionally, they can be used for minting player-created content like maps and skins. It is also the primary medium of exchange in the Shrapnel marketplace.

SHRAP tokens are awarded for player engagement in content creation and gameplay achievements. It is an ERC-20 token initially deployed on the Avalanche network. The total supply of SHRAP tokens is capped at 3 billion, with no future increases planned.


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