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Super Vet

Super Vet

SG Studio
Action, Adventure
Not available


Super Vet is an action adventure blockchain game set in a vet-themed world, introducing players to the role of veterinarians endowed with extraordinary superpowers. The game is centered around rescuing animals from various threats and challenges. It is a pet companionship experience, allowing users to engage with their pets in unprecedented ways while actively contributing to animal rescue and welfare. The game is available on PC and mobile.


Super Vet is developed on the Binance Smart Chain. The game features AI technology, GameFi elements, and NFTs with its native token, SVET. Players embark on a heroic journey, rescuing animals from different enemies, ranging from malicious poachers to deadly predators.

The game features two modes: story mode and campaign mode. In story mode, players can follow the distinct narratives of Super Vet characters. Players select a Super Vet and embark on a series of animal rescue missions intricately connected to the character's backstory. As they progress, players face a diverse range of challenges, from diagnosing and treating animals in peril to navigating hazardous environments. 

Campaign mode, on the other hand, provides a structured and goal-oriented experience. Players tackle a series of missions and challenges with the objective of rescuing animals from imminent danger. Unlike story mode, players are not limited to a specific Super Vet in campaign mode. Instead, they can choose any Super Vet character they prefer or deem most suitable for a particular mission.

Super Vet has ten different 3D NFT characters, each with its own set of unique rescuing tools. These characters are collectible digital assets with individual backstories and motivations. Each Super Vet comes with distinct personalities, appearances, and sets of super abilities.

In addition to their abilities, the Super Vets contribute to the storytelling of the game through their individual backstories and motivations. Players learn more about each character as they progress.

As players advance through the game, encountering challenges and obstacles, they unlock new missions that push the boundaries of their skills and test the limits of their chosen Super Vet's abilities. This continual progression ensures that each gameplay session brings fresh challenges and keeps players engaged.

The game's initial level, featuring Dr. Bruce, serves as an introduction to the Super Vet world. Players rescue an innocent deer, utilizing Dr. Bruce's super abilities to navigate obstacles and defeat adversaries. As players progress through levels, difficulty increases, and rewards get bigger.

Token Information

SVET, the native currency of Super Vet, plays a role in facilitating transactions within the game. These tokens enable in-game purchases, providing players with a way to acquire items, participate in events, and earn rewards. SVET tokens can be earned through in-game tasks, creating a play-to-earn dynamic.

Players can use tokens to enhance their gameplay by acquiring tools, equipment, and gadgets. Additionally, SVET tokens can be used to purchase character NFTs, adding customization options and creating a new form of digital asset ownership. Players can also stake SVET tokens to earn rewards, introducing a staking mechanism that allows users to lock tokens for specific durations.


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