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Forest Knight

Forest Knight

Chrono Games
Adventure, RPG, Strategy


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Forest Knight is a free-to-play, turn-based NFT strategy game that offers both a PvE role-playing and a competitive PvP experience on the Ethereum and Polygon Blockchain Network. It utilizes KNIGHT tokens. Players can gain NFT equipment, and get stronger by leveling while progressing through the campaign. Items can be merged in order to create stronger and rare versions of equipment. The two items that the player is going to combine don’t have to be the same item, but they have to be the same class and level of the item.


Heroes can be recruited and upgraded to suit a specific battle. After a certain level threshold, players can buy land and literally own a place in the online community. These lands can be bought and sold through the marketplace, as well as other in-game items such as weapons, rings, necklaces, and badges. 

The game's turn-based nature allows for strategic thinking since heroes have finite moves and can move a specific amount of cells. Every player can have a team of 3 heroes, and each one can be upgraded and equipped with various items. All heroes have a special skill with their mechanics and effects. They also have varying movement, attack range, and weapons. There are four main types of heroes; tanks, damage dealers, supports, and hybrids, who are a mix of the previous three. The four main types of heroes also include sub-classes like; Paladin, Barbarian, Thief, Witch, Mage, Assassin, Priest, Elf Archer, Raider, Forest Knight, Arcanist, Ninja, and Samurai.

The game is split into six regions; forest, desert, lava, snow, old land, and void. Each region has a guardian, and they are affecting the whole region. In order to participate in a Boss Battle Event, players will need a key that they can purchase from the marketplace. If the players are willing to wait, a key will be given to each of them every 24 hours. The strongest enemy in the game is The World Boss, who appears twice a week and needs numerous players to defeat him. Each player can fight him using a key, and the damage done will be added to the total damage leaderboard, which will rank players and give prizes relative to their rank on the leaderboard. There are also daily missions that players can complete to earn loot, these missions can be done in any battle.

Token Information

Forest Knight Token

Players can accumulate KNIGHT tokens by actively participating in various game modes, demonstrating their strategic prowess, and achieving success in battles. Additionally, staking provides an opportunity for players to passively generate tokens over time. These tokens hold significant value within the game, as they grant access to special game content and events that are exclusively available to KNIGHT token owners.

Some special game content and events are only available to KNIGHT token owners.  Successful participation in various game modes will earn players KNIGHT tokens. Players can also participate in staking.

Forest Knight Marketplace

KNIGHT token can be used in the marketplace to purchase NFT assets, lands, and buildings. Owners can earn from these NFT items by renting them.


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