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Synergy of Serra

Synergy of Serra

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Synergy of Serra is a play-to-earn game that combines blockchain technology with the deckbuilding/strategy card game genre. To defend planet Serra from a growing alien threat, the game allows players with thousands of different possibilities of deck-building options.


The game uses deck construction as its gaming mainframe; each player has their deck like in any other collectible card game (CCGs). Synergy of Serra, however, allows players to alter the decks during the game, unlike other CCGs. Before a game round, players can create a Suitcase full of 100 cards. When the round starts, Suitcases will be poured onto the table, creating the Card Pool. Players start the game with ten cards only. Each turn, players can take five more cards to their hands. When a turn is finished, the player’s remaining cards are discarded, and five new cards are drawn. In a total of 2 turns, the entire deck is empty. These discarded cards create the Discard Pile and Discard Piles constantly shuffle and become the Draw Pile. This pile makes the cards drawable again.

Synergy of Serra has 159 different cards in its arsenal, which are divided into four different card sets: Promo Set, Starter Set, Base Set, and Transcendent Set. Starter Set and Base Set are free for every player in the game. Promo Set and Transcendent Set, however, are NFT sets.  

In Synergy of Serra, the blockchain technology is being hidden in the background, thanks to the usage of Matic Network. This network enables scalable and instant blockchain transactions in-game. In addition to that, unused cards can be salvaged and turned into SCRAP. A certain amount of SCRAP can be used to trade creates. As a part of the in-game economy, the game’s scrapping method leads to fewer cards circulating and making the remaining cards more valuable in general.


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