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The Machines Arena

The Machines Arena

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The Machines Arena is a blockchain hero-shooter action game that has a top-down perspective and features different heroes and game modes. While the game does not require NFTs or cryptocurrency wallet integration, it allows players to transform their in-game assets, such as character skins and pets, into tradable NFTs on the Ronin Network. The game is currently available on the Windows platform through the Epic Games Store, with plans for expansion to desktop and mobile versions for both Android and iOS devices.


The Machines Arena has a variety of gameplay modes; whether it is a fast-paced quick play mode or a roguelite PvE experience, players can partake in them as a team or a solo player.

Pushback mode engages two teams in a goal to advance a cart into the opposing team's base. The cart rails are divided into three segments: one for each team and a neutral zone. The objective is to push the cart beyond the neutral zone within the match time. If the cart remains in the neutral zone, it progressively shrinks until it reaches one side or the other.

In Detonation mode, the teams are divided into defenders and assault teams. The assault team's primary goal is to secure the bomb and plant it at two bomb sites situated on opposite sides of the map. Once planted, they must defend it until it detonates. The defenders must thwart the bomb from detonating at the designated sites.

Skirmish mode features two teams battling for victory, with the first team to accumulate a total of 35 kills emerging victorious. There is a time limit of five minutes; the team holding more kills when the timer expires secures the win.

Death Run mode is a PvE challenge where players navigate through various scenarios with rooms filled with enemies, racing against the clock. After a successful run with a good score, players can rank highly on the leaderboard. In return, they can earn digital collectibles for their PvE character.

Players can earn digital collectibles as rewards in each of these modes. The collectibles can be transformed into tradable NFTs on the Ronin network. Players can partake in tournaments, daily challenges, and seasonal events to earn additional rewards.

The game has a pool of heroes for players to choose from, each armed with specialized abilities and weaponry. Bravo Zulu, who is an ex-military spec ops android; Tesla, a combat medic and sniper; Noble, an android with amnesia; Nightcore, a scientist who has self-modified using meta-genetics; Ozymandias, a mad scientist-like character; Daye, a doomsday weapon; Pyro, a hot-tempered close combat specialist; Riot, a frontline warrior equipped with a sword; and Devol, a multi-talented engineer and support specialist.

Token Information

The Machines Arena is powered by the Ronin Network. However, the details regarding the token and NFT assets are yet to be disclosed.


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