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War Legends

War Legends

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War Legends is a free-to-play blockchain-based tank MOBA game on the Ethereum blockchain with its own NFTs and cryptocurrency, WAR. The game is set in an alternate world where World War 2 never ended but instead evolved with new genius weapons and defenses, where players can participate in order to earn cryptocurrency and NFT rewards.


War Legends is a tank-based multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. Players must work together in teams of four to take out the enemy forces using a wide variety of tank builds in a fast-paced, strategic war game. The game offers players the opportunity to take out enemy forces using a wide variety of destructive and creative tank builds in a fast-paced, strategic war game.

One of the key features of War Legends is its vast variety of game combinations. Each player can choose from a diverse roster of characters, tanks, and abilities to suit their preferred playstyle and strategy. The game also features a deep and complex skill tree system, allowing players to further customize their game setup and tailor it to their specific needs.

War Legends System

War Legends offers a robust ranking system and regular tournaments, where players can compete against the best players in the world for prizes and glory. The game features four different theaters of operations, each with its own representative battlefield scenarios. These include the Battle of Normandy, the Harsh Winter, the African Campaign, and Hell in the Pacific. Players will be able to engage in battles in these iconic war scenarios, using a wide range of heroes, tanks, and abilities. In War Legends, players can start off by joining weekly single-player tournaments, where they can start earning NFTs. In addition to the classic MOBA gameplay, War Legends also features a wide range of additional game modes. These include DeathMatch, Team DeathMatch, Battle Royale, Conquer, and more. These game modes provide players with a wide range of gameplay opportunities and keep the game interesting. The game also has an elaborate ranking system that keeps the community in a constant battle for prestige.

War Legends NFT

Players have access to a wide range of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that are used to enhance their gameplay experience and provide them with an edge in battle. These NFTs include tanks, heroes, and ability cards, each of which has its own unique characteristics and functionalities.

Tanks, as their name suggests, are the combat tanks that players can use in battle. These tanks are based on real-world historical vehicles that were used during World War 2 and come with different characteristics that can greatly impact the player's chances of victory. For example, players can choose between a slow-moving, powerful tank like the Tiger I or a faster but less powerful tank like the T-34, depending on their preferred playstyle. Heroes are another type of NFT that players can use in War Legends. These heroes are based on famous characters from World War 2 and come with special abilities that are passively applied to the player at the start of each game. These abilities can greatly influence the outcome of the battle and can be used to define the rarity of skill slots that allow players to equip higher-quality skills before the battle. 

Ability cards are another type of NFT that players can use in War Legends. These cards come with active skills that players can pick prior to starting a game. These skills are limited to the quality of the slots of the equipped hero and can greatly impact the player's chances of victory. In addition to these NFTs, War Legends also features loot boxes. These loot boxes have different probabilities of providing players with  access to higher-quality NFTs. The probability is defined by the price of the pack, and in some cases, a minimum of high-quality NFTs is guaranteed. War Legends features a native marketplace where players can trade their NFT heroes, tanks, and ability cards. This marketplace allows players to easily buy, sell, and trade their NFTs, which can greatly impact the player's gameplay experience and chances of victory. Overall, the NFTs and marketplace of War Legends provide players with a wide range of options to enhance their gameplay and increase their chances of victory in battle.

The play-to-earn (P2E) mechanics are a key feature of the game. Players are given the opportunity to earn in-game rewards, including WAR tokens, through completing daily, weekly, and monthly missions. These missions can include objectives such as reaching a certain number of points through destruction or defense or winning a certain number of battles. By completing these missions, players are able to earn WAR tokens, which can be used to purchase, sell, and upgrade NFTs within the game.

War Legends Leaderboard

Players can also earn WAR tokens by participating in the game's leaderboard system. The leaderboards are a rank-based system, where players can climb up the ranks by winning battles. The ranks are divided into Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Legend, with each rank offering better rewards and incentives for players to strive for. The game's P2E mechanics also include a tank cooldown period, where tanks that have reached 0 durability will be unusable until the next day. Players can choose to repair their tanks by paying a fee, or they can choose to use a different tank for the next game. Additionally, players can level up and increase the power of their tanks through upgrading NFTs. These NFT upgrades can be purchased using WAR tokens and can unlock new abilities and customization options for the tanks.

Token Information

War Legends Token

The in-game currency is the WAR token, which is a utility token that serves a variety of purposes within the game. The WAR token can be used to repair any damage that has been caused on the battlefield, allowing players to continue playing with the same tank or hero even after taking heavy damage. Additionally, the WAR token can be used to upgrade NFTs through a tier system, allowing players to level up their assets and make them more powerful. One of the key uses of the WAR token is in the opening of War Legends loot boxes. These loot boxes can contain a variety of in-game items, including common heroes, tanks, ability cards, and upgrade kits. The WAR token can also be used to purchase these items directly in the marketplace. Players can earn WAR tokens by completing missions, winning ranked battles, and being at the top of the daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboards. The WAR token serves as a key component of the in-game economy, providing players with a means of purchasing, upgrading, and selling NFTs and other items.

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