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Cards of Ethernity

Cards of Ethernity

Aether Games Inc,
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Cards of Ethernity is a Play-to-Earn collectible card game that utilizes the BNB, and Ethereum chains with its NFTs and cryptocurrency, AEG. In CoE players will utilize tactics and strategic deck building to outplay their AI and player opponents to earn rewards.


In CoE players can participate in matches against AI and human players to earn points, rise through leaderboards, and gain rewards through various means. They can practice in free-to-play modes, or they can fully immerse themselves in the regular play-to-earn modes.

The matches are played in one-on-one turn-based card battles, where the main objective is to defeat the opponent’s main character, also known as an Adventurer. Players can use different tactics to battle, such as equipping Relics that grant them unique fighting bonuses, utilizing their Adventurer’s special abilities as well as casting a variety of spells, and summoning various creatures to fight on their behalf. Battles take place in short time spans, and in order to win, players are required to have both fast decision-making and a strategy to win. 

150 collectible cards are currently available in the game as NFTs, and players can create and browse their card collections in-game. They can craft new cards by disenchanting or breaking them down and acquiring in-game materials from them. Using these materials to create or merge even powerful cards with unique combinations depending on what they are merged with. These cards can have different base traits depending on which creature or force they represent in the game world: From Trolls to Dragons and to Elemental spirits. 

There are also other ways to earn, such as completing daily quests, participating in special events, and staking AEG. All of the NFT cards are tradable on the game’s marketplace.

Token Information

AEG is the primary token of the game, which utilizes multiple blockchains. It can be used for on-chain actions such as payment or reward currency in all games of the Ethernity franchise and for staking or liquidity provision rewards. It can be gained through in-game rewards and can be spent on purchasing in-game assets as well as upgrading, trading, and crafting cards.


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