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NFT Panda: World of Fantasy

NFT Panda: World of Fantasy

RPG, Card
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NFT Panda: World of Fantasy (WoF) is a free-to-play play-to-earn blockchain RPG and collectible card game that utilizes the WAX network, in which players can earn NFTs and BAM tokens. NFT Panda combines elements of turn-based gameplay with fantasy aesthetics. WoF’s world is where fantasy heroes of Panda live and fight for the freedom of their lands and the players’ mission is to become that hero who will reunite Elgard and bring it back to prosperity.


The players' goal in NFT Panda World of Fantasy is to increase the their panda's rank and earn rewards by sending their armies on adventures to fight against Dark Forces In WoF Players will have to collect their own army of heroic pandas, which they can, train, and send on exciting adventures, as well as can stake BAM tokens, mine shards, and get weapons.

WoF has two game modes, single-player and PvP, which will be added later on. In single-player mode, players send their Pandas on adventures. This Hero Adventure game mode will see player heroes and their army go into a campaign and upon the return from their campaign, they will receive a reward in Bamboo (BAM is a wax token). 

These adventures can have up to 50+ events that players' heroes can encounter whilst they are on their journey. Add hero's rank, stats, gear and the different elements that they can use on top of this and every campaign can develop in countless different ways. 

Panda heroes and weapons can have ranks and rarities, higher-quality assets will become NFTs, and they can be bought or traded within the NFT marketplace with BAM currency or crafted by combining different items with blueprints. For example, two common swords can be upgraded to one uncommon sword with a 55% chance of success. In case of failure when upgrading or crafting, then all the items involved will burn and balance the ingame economy in the process. 

Pandas also need some rest, so the cooldown and the BAM supplies for the rainy days are needed. The cooldown may vary depending on location. After an adventure experience and with enough supplies, a Panda hero can earn a new rank and level up. These new ranks will upgrade the rarity of your collectible Pandas and result in better rewards from their adventures. 

Players will only require a panda of any rank to go onto these adventures and start experiencing the game’s RPG aspects, and start earning NFTs and BAMs, requiring no initial investment beforehand. 

In these adventures, players’ Pandas can acquire different elements and stones of varying rarities from wood to in-game valuable minerals such as Kyanite. If they successfully find and retrieve these they can be used in crafting to create powerful and rare NFT assets. Players can also buy the necessary shards and blueprints to craft certain items from the in-game shop.

Token Information

NFT Panda’s main utility token is called Bamboo (BAM) which runs on WAX Network. The token is created for players to earn through the play-to-earn mechanism. Tokens can be used to increase adventure slots to send more Pandas into adventures simultaneously, to increase Panda NFTs’ rarity and power levels which requires staking of BAM tokens. Lastly, they can be used in crafting which may result in powerful NFTs or burnt items, in either way this action returns the BAM into the total coin pool and will provide liquidity.


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