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Blockchain Cuties
Strategy, RPG

Blockchain Cuties Universe Governance (BCUG)

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Developer Blockchain Cuties
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Blockchain Cuties is a collectible crypto game with PvE adventures and PvP battles where you get to play with eight different species; cats, dogs, foxes, hedgehogs, lizards, pigs, rabbits, and bears. Game events occur in a fantasy world called Cutieland inhabited by "Cuties." The game currently runs on five blockchains; Ethereum, Matic, Tron, EOS, and NEO. 


Each Cutie is an NFT generated either by the "Creator"(the game entity that generates NFTs for sale or giveaways) or by the users by breeding. A cutie has a genome that consists of 64 gene values and defines how Cutie looks and its attributes. Many different genome combinations make up attributes, which in turn become body parts and make the Cutie look very different from any other. Additionally, the attributes from the genome give the Cutie additional stats that make it stronger or weaker in different elements and other stats. 

Each Cutie has a generation that starts from level 0 and goes up to infinity. The lower the generation value, the more powerful the Cutie is in combat, and it is also less expensive to breed with other Cuties.

To begin playing Blockchain Cuties, players need to buy a Cutie or receive one for free from another player. Then, the newly obtained Cutie is sent to a newbie adventure location to fight other Cuties to get experience and items. Players can buy an additional Cutie to use breeding and obtain a child Cutie. As players' Cuties grow in numbers and experience, they will be able to take on better and stronger enemies, equip new items, but at the same time, they will need more consumables to be effective. When the Cuties hit level five, they can participate in Raid Bosses mechanic to earn rare gears or Cuties. At level ten, Cuties can be sent to the Tavern to experience PvP against other players. Also, there are seasonal events that players can participate in later in the game that introduce a lot of new content, including new gear and Cuties that will be effective only during the event.  

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SEED15 Mar 2021

700,000The total vesting period is 1 year, with an initial release of tokens on the 1st day after the close of Public Sale Round, with immediate release of 15%2,902,976$6,386,547.00

800,000The total vesting period is 1 year, with an initial release of tokens on the 1st day after the close of Public Sale Round, with immediate release of 20%

$2.20 $440,000.00 200,000

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Blockchain Cuties

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