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Project Hive

Project Hive

Project Hive
Card, RPG
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Project Hive is a play-to-earn blockchain role-playing game where players can own NFT characters and earn HGT and IGT tokens on the Solana network. The game features a turn-based combat system that utilizes cards to perform actions. Project Hive is available on both mobile and PC platforms.


Project Hive has different PvE and PvP modes that the players can participate in. PvP combat consists of 1v1 and 3v3 modes, while PvE combat has 3v1 boss battles. In order to enter these modes, players must first create their CyberConstruct. These act as in-game avatars that are both visually and practically customizable. They can be equipped with NFT equipment and abilities called protocols. Every piece of armor is unique and gives attributes and basic stats to the owner, while protocols can be combined to create different synergies as they are categorized into three different types; attack, defense, and utility.

CyberConstructs can be played as various classes and archetypes. There is no traditional class system; instead, the playstyle is determined by the armor, the weapon, and the gear equipped to the player. Players can choose to be a damage dealer or a tank. The combat system consists of two primary resources; hit points and initiative points. Hit points are the health that each player has. When it drops to zero, the player loses the combat. Initiative points depend on the character's initiative attribute, which determines the chance of the player starting a turn first. Before each combat, players pick three protocol cards from their deck, and the player with the highest initiative points will start. Players draw a new protocol card each turn, and they can use their protocols during combat in order to deal damage or protect themselves.

Players utilize energy to enter combat. PvE battles use energy charges when entering combat, and the PvP arena uses an energy point while searching for opponents. This is required in order to receive awards after a win. If a player enters a PvP fight without energy charges, the fight is considered a training battle and won’t provide any rewards at the end. Energy is replenished daily and has limited charges available. Aside from energy, players can use their resources to craft items such as weapons, armor, and pets to aid them in battle. Items differ in quality; they range from poor, common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, and artifact.

Token Information

HGT and IGT tokens are the native tokens of Project Hive. HGT can be earned in PvP modes for small amounts, and IGT is earned from most activities in-game. Additionally, HGT acts as a governance token with a limited supply, while IGT is unlimited and is used strictly in-game to power up characters.


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