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Raini: The Lords of Light

Raini: The Lords of Light

Raini Studios


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Raini: The Lords of Light is a play-to-earn blockchain competitive trading card game that features NFT cards and is developed by Raini Studios. The game features a play-to-earn model, allowing players to earn the RAINI token through various earning mechanisms. Players can collect powerful cards and build dynamic decks of their favorite crypto legends and mythical creatures to battle against other players worldwide. The game will incorporate NFT cards that offer unique abilities and improved aesthetics but will ensure that gameplay advantages are balanced for players without NFT cards.


In Raini: The Lords of Light, each hero and card will have a designated color. Players will be provided with a base set of cards to play against other players online at no cost. Players can collect and build decks using NFT cards launched through the Raini platform, which offer unique abilities and improved aesthetics that can yield gameplay advantages. Players can secure highly coveted card packs from the latest set, The 7 Deadly Sins Drop, to mint limited edition NFTs or trade them on secondary markets such as OpenSea, JoePegs, or the Raini BSC Marketplace.

Players can enter tournaments to battle against opponents from around the world and win huge prizes. Players can also battle their way up the global leaderboards to prove their skills. Winning ranked battles, completing daily quests, and renting out higher-level cards are some of the ways to earn RAINI tokens. The RAINI token will have liquidity and be fully tradable, allowing players to buy and sell it on the market at their discretion.

PvP battles are turn-based, and players use their decks to fight against each other. The winner is determined based on the number of cards remaining on the field. Each turn, players can use their cards' unique abilities to attack the opponent's cards and reduce their life points. Players can also use their cards to defend their own life points or to activate various effects that can give them an advantage.

Token Information

RAINI tokens are the primary game currency and enable a number of key earning mechanisms to drive user adoption. The tokens can be earned through winning ranked battles, completing daily quests, winning tournaments, and renting out higher-level cards. The tokens have liquidity and can be fully traded on the market, enabling players to earn an income by playing and succeeding in the game.

In addition, the game will also have governance tokens that allow players to vote within the game's ecosystem. The finite supply of these tokens will ensure that they retain their value over time. The governance tokens will be distributed through various mechanisms, such as participating in tournaments or completing quests, and can be used to vote on critical decisions regarding the game's development.


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