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Metaverse, Action, RPG
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Unioverse is a community-owned sci-fi metaverse blockchain game that features an expansive universe filled with dynamic characters, different storylines, and various gameplay mechanics. With its focus on community ownership and engagement, Unioverse creates interactive and collaborative gaming experiences. The game is available on PC.


Unioverse features captivating characters brought to life through the talents of writers and comic book creators. These characters become NFTs, known as Unioverse PFPs (Profile Picture Frames), granting access to all Unioverse games for the respective character version. The collectible system adds an interactive element, gamifying users' attention and time investment. By holding onto NFTs, players can earn protens, a unique in-game currency, enabling them to acquire characters like Reyu, with more in development.

In Unioverse, Protens serve as an energy source powering alien technology. These Protens are earned by owning and holding Unioverse Collectible NFTs. Users can accumulate Protens by visiting the Proten calculator page, accessible on desktops. Multiple copies of the same collectible contribute to Protens, with the total earned displayed on the system. Protens hold ongoing value within Unioverse. As new Unioverse Heroes, like Krishah, are set to be released, Protens will continue to play a crucial role in the narrative. This incentivizes collecting but also rewards users with higher-tier collectibles.

Unioverse Proving Grounds is a third-person shooter speedrun mode within the Alpha Hero Viewer of Unioverse. This experience allows players to explore and interact with their own Unioverse heroes, inspecting intricate details and engaging in a fun obstacle course that showcases their abilities. The game promises regular updates, introducing more game modes and user-generated content features to keep players enthralled.

In a departure from traditional airdrop methods, Unioverse employs collectibles and a claim system to gamify the user experience. Instead of relying on whitelists and conventional airdrops, the collectible system transforms audience engagement into rewarding airdrops. Unioverse has a forging and combining process via a dedicated website. Users can create rare and valuable collectibles by combining four specific NFTs.

Token Information

Unioverse PFPs (Profile Picture Frames) are NFT characters that grant access to all Unioverse games for the respective character version. The interactive collectible system gamifies users' attention and time investment. By holding onto NFTs, players can earn protens, a unique in-game currency. This currency enables them to acquire various available and upcoming characters.


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