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Zoids Wild Arena

Zoids Wild Arena

Mercury Labs
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Zoids Wild Arena is a blockchain turn-based trading card game (TCG) set in the Zoids universe, where mechanical creatures ranging from dinosaurs to mythological beasts live. This game draws inspiration from popular TCGs, making it accessible to newcomers while offering depth and strategy for TCG enthusiasts. Developed by ACT Games and backed by the Web3 services of Mercury Labs, Zoids Wild Arena brings card battles to the blockchain, allowing players to own and trade NFT cards. With a deck-building approach reminiscent of offline, on-site TCG tournaments, Zoids Wild Arena features a competitive gaming experience.


In Zoids Wild Arena, players enter the game with a deck consisting of 30 cards, featuring two types: Units and Tactics. Units represent the mechanical creatures from the Zoids universe, while Tactics cards offer strategic opportunities to shift the momentum of the game. Each player starts with three cards from their deck and draws a new card on each turn. The objective is to reduce your opponent's health points to zero.

The game employs a mana system, where each card has a designated mana cost, and players can only play cards within the allotted mana limit per hand. Initially, players have one mana available per turn, which gradually increases up to 10, adding one per turn. This gameplay mechanic mirrors the rules found in popular TCGs.

One unique aspect of Zoids Wild Arena is the core system, which includes automatic unit turns and the ability to upgrade cards up to six stars. Each card possesses unique stats, regardless of whether it's a unit or tactic card. At launch, the game features a roster of 560 unit and tactic cards, excluding the seasonal limited edition cards.

Zoids Wild Arena incorporates a seasonal ranking system where rankings are determined by the points earned in Ranked Matches. This ELO rating system is used to calculate player tiers, with rewards distributed based on performance. These rankings reset with each season change, and higher rankings result in greater rewards. To access these rewards, including the NFT Marketplace, players must link a cryptocurrency wallet to their account.

Players can play the game on both PCs and mobile devices. However, the game is not accessible via web browsers, making dedicated client downloads necessary for gameplay.

Zoids Wild Arena players can play the game for free without NFTs, but the option to purchase NFT cards from the official marketplace or external platforms like OpenSea allows players to enhance their deck-building capabilities and explore different tactics. NFTs can become an integral part of the game as players try to build stronger decks and gather rare cards.

Token Information

Details regarding the in-game tokens and their utility are yet to be disclosed. However, Zoids Wild Arena is expected to feature tokens within its ecosystem. These tokens may be used for various in-game activities, transactions, and governance, enriching the player experience. Information regarding liquidity and trading platforms for these tokens will be provided at a later date.

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