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2040World is a play-to-earn free-to-play blockchain gaming metaverse that uses TFT tokens and is powered by the Polygon network. Players are able to create custom characters called avatars and embark on a journey across a space station. The game offers an array of activities, including exploration, resource collection, engaging battles with both computer-controlled mobs and other players' avatars, item crafting, auction-based trading, and a multitude of quests. The game is available on PC platforms.


2040World is a free-to-play metaverse; every player can jump into the action immediately. To begin their journey, players can visit the game's official website, download the client, create an account, and log in.

Upon entering the game, players are granted the opportunity to create their own avatar, a digital character that is a representation of themselves in the 2040World. There are two avatar variants to choose from:

Gray Avatars are the free-to-play avatars that are equipped with a random set of features. They are ideal for players who prefer to check out the game without making any commitments and can explore the universe at their own pace.

Licensed Avatars are more powerful and enhanced versions of avatars; they can be acquired through a purchase. These avatars provide an edge in the game, offering more capabilities and attributes compared to their gray counterparts.

Once players have created their avatar, they can explore and venture into uncharted territories, uncover hidden secrets, and traverse the station's landscape. Corporate entities within the game offer various quests, each with its own objectives and rewards. The 2040World universe allows players to partake in different professions, including mining, construction, trading, and business operations. Moreover, they can engage in battles with both computer-controlled mobs and other avatars. Battles serve as a way to acquire resources and enhance their avatar's prowess. 

Players can collect valuable resources that serve as resources that can be used for crafting items and trading. They can utilize the resources they have gathered to create items, increasing their power and contributing to the game's economy. The game also has an auction system where players can buy, sell, or trade a wide array of items and resources with fellow players.

Avatars in 2040World are not immortal, they can meet their demise through various means, including encounters with other players, wildlife, or deadly insects. There are distinct avatar types, each aligned with specific roles and characteristics, including Couriers, Miners, Hunters, Scouts, Engineers, Patrollers, Tycoons, Stabilizers, and Thugs.

Token Information

TFT token serves as the exclusive in-game currency. It is used in all transactions within the 2040World universe. This native token is on the Polygon blockchain. The in-game economy of 2040World is grounded in real-world economic models, mirroring the principles of supply and demand. The value of in-game items fluctuates based on market dynamics. Players can collect resources across the station and subsequently utilize these resources to craft valuable goods within the production buildings. By participating in the in-game auction, any avatar owner can engage in the buying and selling of their possessions.


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