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Aptos Arena

Aptos Arena

Bravo Ready
Action, Strategy


$7.57271 $7.57271 (-1.6%)



$2.11 B

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$162.46 M

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Aptos Arena is a free-to-play shooter action blockchain game that defines itself as “kill-to-earn”. It's a competitive top-down shooter that allows players to earn cash for every opponent they defeat, paid directly to their Petra wallet. The game is available on web browsers.


Aptos Arena’s gameplay revolves around battles, where players start each match by choosing their spawn location on the battlefield. They then need to find weapons and ammunition to engage in head-to-head combat with other players. This setup emphasizes skill over luck, with matches that don't have a set timer or fixed start and finish points. Upon dying, players can either jump into another game or return to the lobby.

Aptos Arena employs a play-to-earn model that allows players to earn APT tokens by playing the game. This includes rewards for in-game achievements, engagement in matches, and participation in skill-based challenges and competitions. The game also features a ranked mode, where players can use their NFTs to engage in higher-stakes battles and potentially earn more APT tokens.

Players control a squad of four characters, each with unique abilities, attacks, and spells. The battles are faction-based, with characters belonging to one of three factions: Harmony (yellow), Destruction (red), or Prosperity (blue). To gain an advantage, players must utilize cards that match their character’s faction during their turn, enhancing their powers and abilities.

The in-game economy comprises various non-cryptocurrency elements like gems, gold, and other points that are used for unlocking items and enhancing gameplay. The acquisition of new characters can be done through the game itself, either by free distribution to new players or by using Premium Summoning Tickets, which can be bought or received as gifts. Leveling up characters is achieved through the use of in-game currencies, boosting both their numerical and star levels to enhance their abilities.

Gear plays a crucial role in Aptos Arena, as upgrading a character’s equipment can lead to substantial advantages in battle. Winning strategies include effectively taking cover and mastering the game mechanics. Players are encouraged to actively participate in the community and stay informed about game updates to gain a competitive edge.

Token Information

Aptos Arena operates on the Aptos blockchain and utilizes APT as its in-game currency. The payment structure is designed so that every time a player defeats an opponent, they receive the opponent's entry fee in their Petra wallet.

The Petra Wallet is integral to the Aptos Arena experience, acting as a secure storage and management tool for APT tokens. Players must connect their Petra Wallet to participate in the game, and it facilitates all in-game transactions.


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