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Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity

Sky Mavis


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What is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn, pet battler strategy game built on the Ethereum network and utilizes the AXS token. Its universe is filled with adorable 3D creatures, Axies, that players can own as pets.

Players can collect countless unique Axies with varying body parts and appearances. Body parts will unlock abilities for Axies that vary across games, and they will have completely different statistics, benefits, and skills from one game to another. Body parts also have their unique card art for players to collect. Axies can be sold or bought on the NFT marketplace, and players need to own/buy a team of Axies or have a manager (a player who has more than enough Axies) lend their own NFTs to be able to play the game. Such scholars (players who can't afford their Axie team) won't have access to the SLP they earned in-game.


In Axie Infinity, players aim to battle, breed, collect, raise, and build kingdoms for their Axies. The universe has a player-owned economy where players can truly own, buy, sell, and trade resources they earn through skilled gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem.

Axie Infinity Breeding Guide

Like real-world pets, Axies can be bred to create new offspring. To avoid hyperinflation of Axies there is a maximum number of times an Axie can be bred before it becomes sterile. Breeding an Axie costs AXS and Smooth Love Potions (SLP), depending on how many times the Axies have been bred.

The players have limited energy points per day and can choose to spend them in different game modes. Currently, there are two game modes for the players to choose from. PVP mode lets players compete with each other using complex strategies and combinations of Axies, while adventure mode will have players complete quests, defeat bosses, and unlock storylines. If a player runs out of energy, they can play the game, but they won't be able to earn experience points in adventure mode. They will still be able to earn SLP, however. With every win, the player's Axies gain experience points, and the player earns SLP. In adventure mode, players may need to repeat some of the earlier levels to gain enough experience points to progress through a tougher level.

Axie Infinity Gameplay Explained

Axie Infinity's battles are conducted in a turn-based style, where each side attacks or defends one at a time. During battles, both players receive action cards for their Axies that they can choose to play on a particular turn. Each Axie has four cards that are randomly distributed for every battle, and since playing these cards requires energy, players need to think strategically to make the most optimal plays in a turn. Unlike most RPGs and turn-based games, Axie's battle system doesn't allow you to choose which units to attack. The Axie you command will randomly target an enemy Axie, which adds an element of luck to the game.

Token Information

The Axie homeland Lunacia is divided into tokenized plots of land, which act as bases for the Axies. Plots can be upgraded over time using a variety of resources and crafting ingredients that can be found in the game. In addition, the players might find AXS tokens on their own land plots and use the Axies to explore resource nodes on the map. These resource nodes can be used to upgrade land or Axies.

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