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7 Digital Labs
Action, RPG
Not available


BloodLoop is an action RPG blockchain game that features the gameplay of a hero shooter with an emphasis on teamwork. Set in a world where elite warriors from diverse factions clash in epic battles, BloodLoop invites players to align with factions representing different ideologies and powers. BloodLoop challenges players to strategically combine their powers to achieve victory. The game is available on PC.


At the core of BloodLoop's gameplay philosophy is the importance of teamwork. The game encourages players to collaborate and strategically combine the powers of their chosen heroes to secure victory. The result is a battlefield where devastating combos, control of key areas, and outmaneuvering opponents become the keys to success.

BloodLoop's narrative depth is exemplified through its rich lore and factions, immersing players in a world where elite warriors, representing diverse ideologies and powers, engage in epic battles. These heroes, dispatched by their factions, clash in controlled realms, allowing the full might of each faction to be exhibited without causing irreversible damage to their home planet.

BloodLoop offers a diverse array of game modes to cater to various playstyles. Team Deathmatch, Energy War, Free-for-All, and Clan War are the featured modes. The game has a no-fight hub where players can interact with each other, craft items, trade in the marketplace, and enter these modes.

Dynamic maps with controllable elements such as destructible barriers and interactive traps keep the battlefield ever-evolving. For those seeking more straightforward combat, secondary modes like Deathmatch and Free-for-All deliver fast-paced, thrilling battles. The game's versatility ensures there's something for every player, from strategic masterminds to adrenaline junkies.

The game has plans to introduce guild creation, new characters, and maps. Owners of BloodLoop Genesis NFTs will have priority access to the alpha phase.

Token Information

BloodLoop Genesis NFTs grant their owners priority access to the alpha testing phase. Also, the BLS token is the main currency of the game. It allows players to create their own characters and buy NFTs through the marketplace.


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