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Bones and Blade

Bones and Blade

Revolve Studios Ltd.,
Card, Board, Strategy
Not available


Bones and Blade is a play-to-earn card and dice strategy game within the Revolve Games ecosystem, where players can stake their NFT assets to battle and earn RPG tokens on the Binance Smart Chain network. The game is available on both PC and mobile platforms.


Bones and Blade is a one-on-one card and dice game where players battle against each other. The gameplay revolves around a rock, paper, and scissors mechanic that is played with dice and turns. Players are able to outwit their opponents by playing the wrong cards and actions and attacking at the right moment. It's a game played in intergalactic bars during shift breaks and afternoons. Every traveling creature knows how to play Bones and Blade. It's a game that is featured at every bar or station.

Revolve Games' Bones and Blade is their first release that incorporates staking tethered NFT characters into gameplay. Players who stake and generate characters on the Revolve Games platform are able to battle their characters against other players. Players earn tokens through performance-based staking rewards. Each character that goes into battle participates in the game’s levels and booster system, which heavily rewards players who play and win over passive staking tethered NFT holders. 

The percentage share of dynamically distributed staking rewards is calculated based on four values. These values are level points, rarity points, booster points, and the staked amount. Each of these is represented in the equation by a staking point weight (SPW) value. Each tethered staking contract will receive rewards according to the SPW formula.

A character levels up by earning experience points. A player can gain experience points by both winning and losing matches, but wins result in more experience points than losses. Each level adds a 0.01 base staking weight point, which maxes out at Level 10. Out of the four values (apart from the RPG staked amount), the booster points provide the most significant staking weight multiplier. Boosters are the largest contributor to the weight of the rewards, as they last for only 3 days. 

Token Information

RPG token is the native token of Revolve Games. Actionable assets in the ecosystem are tethered and representative of an RPG stake; these assets act as avatars of RPG staking contracts. To put it simply, these NFTs will need to be returned to the staking contract in order for players to withdraw the corresponding RPG that is staked. This model ensures that the value of NFTs is always contained within and supports the value of the native token. 


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