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Champions Ascension

Champions Ascension

Plai Labs
Action, RPG
Not available


Champions Ascension is an arena action RPG blockchain game where players can embark on a play-and-earn journey within the setting of Colosseum Eternal. Players assume the role of a champion, seeking glory, wealth, and eternal fame. The game unfolds in Massina, a world shaped by players, where every clash in the Colosseum Eternal influences the overall visual and game feel of the world. The game is available on PC.


Champions Ascension delivers a thrilling gameplay experience centered around high-stakes gladiatorial combat. Players collect, train, equip, and manage NFT Champions, each with unique advantages and options in gameplay. The Colosseum Eternal hosts various game modes, including 1v1, 3v3, Free-For-All, Raid Boss PvE, and more. Champions ascend through tiers, unlocking better abilities, greater power, and exclusive battle modes and areas. The game emphasizes customization, allowing players to build their tower, raid others, and defend their loot using strategically placed champions.

Crafting plays a crucial role as well, with players having the ability to craft and upgrade weapons and armor using resources found in the arena. The Bonesmith's crafting services and player-owned forges offer options for customization, enhancing the cosmetic appeal of the gear. The game's living world introduces seasonal content, ensuring that player actions impact the overall visual and atmospheric experience.

In Champions Ascension, the world revolves around NFT Champions, each contributing uniquely to the gameplay experience. With 12 families, 6 classes, and 7 essences, players can collect and trade champions or breed new characters by combining genes. The essence, class, and family of each champion influence its traits and abilities, providing endless strategic possibilities. The Prime Eternal, the highest tier of champions, offers exclusive perks for holders, including in-game emotes, VIP access, and more.

Token Information

The in-game economy is driven by the Essence token, a valuable resource used in the game. Players can earn Essence through daily activities, battles, and achievements. Ascending Champions to higher tiers also affects the daily earning limits for Essence. The economy extends to the marketplace, where players can trade and sell Champion NFTs. The scarcity and uniqueness of NFTs contribute to their value, making rare champions more sought-after in the marketplace.


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