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Card, Strategy
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Clashub is an NFT card blockchain game that presents players with a play-to-earn system with its token, CLASH. The game distinguishes itself by transforming NFTs owned by players into dynamic playing cards through its unique algorithm, allowing these cards to be utilized in captivating battles that yield CLASH tokens as rewards. Clashub's standout feature lies in its ability to integrate NFT collections from different networks, offering players the opportunity to leverage a diverse range of approved collections within the same game. It's essential to note that only NFTs from approved collections can be incorporated into the game. The game is available on PC.


Clashub's gameplay revolves around the transformation of NFTs from approved collections into playing cards. This process, automatically generated by the Clashub algorithm, involves algorithmically generated collections with a minimum of three layers. The metadata provided during the generation plays a pivotal role in the conversion process, with the algorithm calculating rarity values and determining Mana, Attack, Defense, and Health values on the resulting card. Players initiate their journey by owning at least three NFTs from approved collections, completing registration with their Metamask wallet, and, if engaging in paid game modes, acquiring CLASH tokens. The algorithm matches players randomly, and the game unfolds on a turn-based logic system where players strategically choose three NFTs to commence the battle. The incorporation of 'POW-UP' NFTs, available in the Clashub Marketplace, adds an extra layer of strategy for players seeking an advantage.

Clashub offers three distinct game modes: Free to Play (F2P), Standard Mod (P2P), and Legendary Mod (L2L). These modes vary in participation fees, cooldown times, maximum mana usage, and rewards, providing players with different gaming experiences based on their preferences and strategies. The mana value, determined by the rank of the cards, plays a crucial role in creating strategic game sets within each mode.

POW-UPs form a crucial aspect of Clashub, enhancing the power of cards used in the game and providing strategic advantages. These off-chain game assets can be purchased from the marketplace, and their effects vary, ranging from Extra Attack and Tank Up to unique abilities like Role Change and Poison. Players can acquire POW-UPs through marketplace purchases or by obtaining them randomly from POW-UP packs. The Clashub marketplace acts as a central hub for in-game assets, offering NFTs, POW-UPs, tickets, and packs for players and investors alike.

Clashub introduces the Journey module, a dynamic system rewarding players as they level up through XP earned in-game. Levels range from 1 to 100, with corresponding rewards and airdrop rights for reaching specific milestones. The Clashub economy revolves around the CLASH token, influencing DAO processes, investor activities, and the integration of NFT collections.

Additionally, players can establish and join guilds in Clashub, creating communities that offer advantages, especially in tournaments where guilds can win rewards. Guild managers, known as guild captains, have control over the distribution of rewards among guild members.

Token Information

CLASH token is at the heart of Clashub's in-game economy, serving various functions within the platform. Players can use CLASH tokens to make purchases and trades in the in-game marketplace, facilitating transactions for NFTs, POW-UPs, Tickets, and Packs. The acquisition of CLASH tokens is necessary for in-game purchases, and players can access the CLASH acquisition page from the game interface.


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