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Dark Country

Dark Country

Immortal Games
Card, Strategy
Not available


Dark Country is a play-to-earn, trading NFT card game that embraces an American gothic type of visuals and environment. Players can own NFTs and are free to buy, sell, trade, and rent them. They can farm and earn NFTs and in-game currencies. Players can also participate in various in-game activities such as quests to receive fees.


In Dark Country, players can have PvP battles with their collected cards.Decks have a minimum of five cards. Heroes vary in rarities such as common, rare, epic, legendary, mythic, and DC heroes. Heroes can go on quests and complete them as a passive activity. Cards can have different spirits attached to them where they track different stats for the card. Fox spirit tracks the number of victories, wolf spirit tracks how much damage is dealt, snake spirit tracks how many cards it has killed, and eagle spirit tracks how many quests it has completed. Cards can be from five different races of the world; Ancestral Guard, Resolute Rangers, Cunning Crusaders, Destructive Horde, and Neutral.

There are three layers to the game's map. The World Map is the top layer, and it has several continents that correspond to different blockchain networks. The Continent Lands are linked to WAX and FLOW blockchain networks. The Land Plot are the actual pieces of the continent that can be owned by the players. The players become a landlord if they own one where they get priority access to resources. Every land has a unique set of buildings that can be built and upgraded to improve gameplay elements such as farming and buffing heroes. Players can build a black market to sell and buy items, a blacksmith to craft weapons, a tailor to craft clothes, a tavern to get quests, an alchemy lab to craft potions, and a library to craft magic scrolls. Each land gets more dangerous and rewarding towards the center. There are five different rarities to them; common, rare, epic, legendary, and mythical. Their farming rate varies from normal to ultra-fast.

Token Information

Lands provide access to adventure zones and generate Shadow Dimes (SDM) for both the landlords and the players. PvP battles take place on lands and reward the players with SDM, too. SDM tokens can be used to buy cards, heroes, construct buildings, and also rent and upgrade them. 


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