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Dragon Master

Dragon Master

Magic Hat Studio
Strategy, RPG, Metaverse


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Dragon Master is a play-to-earn free-to-play metaverse that blends strategy and MOBA genres with its dragon NFTs and cryptocurrencies, DMT and TOTEM. Players have the opportunity to own and compete with their own set of various dragon NFTs. The game allows players to earn income by participating in various activities. The game is available on mobile devices running iOS and Android.


Dragon Master is a battle game where players compete with their own dragons. The dragons come in four sizes: S, M, L, and XL. The larger the size, the heavier the weight, and the weaker the attacking power. Players can get their dragons through Genesis Dragon Egg drops or future breeds. The dragons will compete on the battlefield of five tracks, where both players can choose the tracks to send out the dragons based on their strategies. When in battle, the heavier dragons can push the lighter ones to the end of the track and cause damage to the pushed player's HP. When one player's HP hits zero, the winner is determined.

Players can breed new dragons. Players need to have two dragons in order to start the breeding process.To avoid hyperinflation, each dragon has a certain number of breeds and uses them once when they breed. The dragon cannot breed any more once the number runs out. This process costs DMT and TOTEM tokens.

Apart from the size competition mode, various dragon skills are added to them based on the rules, where one skill can restrain or help another skill, so that the gameplay can be more fun. The possibilities of a team setup can vary greatly.

Players can earn income in several ways. They can participate in game tasks and challenges to earn token rewards, or they can join the Round 7 Invitation Event, where they can earn money and have fun. The game also offers free rental dragons, paid rental dragons, and dragon purchases, which give players different opportunities to earn more income.

Token Information

Dragon Master Token (DMT) is the governance token that allows voting within the game's ecosystem. The token has a finite supply and is required to access the play-to-earn features of the game. TOTEM is an in-game utility token that can be used for various transactions. Players can earn TOTEM by participating in game tasks and challenges, winning battles, and completing achievements. Both tokens are used in the dragon breeding system.


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