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Drunk Robots

Drunk Robots

Drunk Robots
Action, RPG, Racing


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Drunk Robots is an action role-playing blockchain game set in a dystopian universe where robots, due to an AI glitch, have developed an addiction to alcohol. Players can utilize these robots to participate in various game modes. The game presents a blend of racing and strategy where players are introduced to a myriad of unique robots, each with its own distinctive class and abilities, awaiting their command in this post-apocalyptic setting. The game is available on PC.


The universe of Drunk Robots is vast, offering a variety of activities and game modes tailored for players. Players get the chance to utilize their robots in adrenaline-filled races. The garage acts as the central hub for this mode, where players can view their robots, scrutinize their stats, and gear up for upcoming races. With attributes like speed, shield, and weaponry at their disposal, a player's strategic prowess often dictates the race's outcome.

Racing isn't the only game mode, though; players can also engage in scavenging missions. This mode revolves around hunting for elusive artifacts scattered across the Drunk Robots world. These artifacts serve a dual purpose: shedding light on the game's backstory and enhancing a robot's capabilities. For those looking for an adventure mode, the Stories section offers rich tales about the genesis of these alcohol-driven robots. This narrative gives context and meaning to their in-game activities.

At the heart of Drunk Robots is its economic framework. From robots to artifacts, everything holds value, and transactions are facilitated by the game's internal currency, driving player engagement and decision-making. The robot NFTs up for grabs come with diverse stats and characteristics. Their rarity determines their prowess and value, with the rarer bots being more formidable in races and challenges.

The marketplace allows players to list and sell their robot NFTs and artifacts. This feature offers an avenue for players to gain financial returns from their in-game accomplishments. Thanks to the game's robust economic structure, trading and transactions using METAL tokens are seamless and efficient.

Token Information

METAL is the primary currency in the Drunk Robots marketplace. It is the token for acquiring robot NFTs, artifacts, and other in-game assets. Beyond purchases, METAL tokens are essential for race participation, engaging in scavenging missions, and unlocking various game components.

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