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Digard Gaming Studio
RPG, Action


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Eldarune is a play-to-earn medieval-themed fantasy action blockchain role-playing game that utilizes ELDA tokens as in-game cryptocurrency. The game features 4K graphics, a clan system, and a season system. The game takes place in a fictional medieval world called Elymnias and follows Alec, a justiciar raised to fight injustice. Players can experience the events following Alec and explore 21 islands, fight hundreds of dungeons, and defeat the strongest monsters in the world of Elymnias. Eldarune offers four different game modes and various gameplay mechanics that will satisfy even the most experienced gamers. The game is available on PC and mobile platforms.


Eldarune has four different game modes, each offering a unique gameplay experience with various game mechanics. The campaign mode allows players to advance the game through story mode, navigating the lore and experiencing the fundamentals of the game, which also enhances other playing modes. Alec is the main character in campaign mode, and players purchase NFTs relative to Alec on the outset while using the character to create strong armies as players progress. In Dungeon Mode, players can explore and farm items alone or with a team, and unlock more difficult dungeons as they progress. Clan Boss Mode allows players to fight together as a clan and earn rewards for defeating a powerful boss. PvP Arena Mode allows players to compete against each other in various sub-modes, such as 1v1 duels or 5v5 battles, in different arenas like land, sea, or aerial battles.

Players can use different NFT champions in each game mode, with each champion specializing in a particular type of combat, such as using crossbows, swords, axes, maces, or magic. Aerial Battles allow players to ride dragons, which are ancient creatures of Elymnias, but are limited in number and require a lot of sacrifice. Naval battles involve battleships that are costly to build and limited in number but offer great leverage against opponents.

Players can choose from a wide variety of weapons, including swords, axes, maces, and crossbows, for close or ranged combat. Players need to strengthen their champions in many different ways, including profession skills, alchemy, potion crafting, weapon mastery, and magic, as well as acquiring stronger gear. The best way to do so is by grinding dungeons, participating in clan boss battles, or entering PvP arenas.

Battles in Eldarune are not limited to man-to-man combat but also include aerial wars with riding dragons or naval wars with battleships. PvP battles allow players to test their capabilities against opponents both alone and with their clan. Players can use weapons, dragons, and battleships to defeat their opponents. Eldarune offers rich gameplay mechanics and gaming experiences that will satisfy even the most experienced gamers.

In Eldarune, all in-game assets are NFTs, including weapons, armors, potions, and more. There are four different modes in the game, and players need different kinds of NFTs to play each mode. For example, Alec NFTs are necessary for playing campaign mode.

Token Information

The in-game currency for Eldarune is the ELDA token. The token has a finite supply and is used for various activities and transactions within the game, such as buying NFTs, upgrading equipment, and purchasing potions. Players can earn ELDA tokens by completing achievements and challenges, participating in tournaments and other special events, and winning PvP battles where they put money on the line.

ELDA tokens can also be used to participate in the clan and season systems. The clan system allows players to form groups and participate in clan boss battles to earn rewards, while the season system is a competitive leaderboard where players can compete for rankings and earn rewards based on their performance.


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