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Elders Grace

Elders Grace

In Development
Meta Monkey
RPG, Action
Not available


Elder's Grace: Rise of the Mobley is an action RPG blockchain game that allows players to build and protect customized treasure strongholds while creating specialized teams to defend their castle. It offers unique cross-web gameplay, allowing players from traditional gaming platforms and blockchain enthusiasts to participate and interact within the same virtual world. The game features stronghold combat and exploration where players can conquer various challenges and unlock treasures. The game is available on PC.


In Elder's Grace, players embark on adventures using teams of Mobleys, unique characters with varying traits and abilities. The game kicks off by providing players with a team of three free Mobleys. Expansion of this team is possible through marketplace purchases or by breeding existing Mobleys to create new ones. The gameplay centers around stronghold battles, where players navigate through formidable dungeons, facing minions and bosses while seeking out hidden treasures and ultimately aiming to reach and loot the treasure room. However, if a team is defeated, the mission fails.

Elder's Grace features two primary gameplay styles: controlling Mobleys in stronghold challenges and the Stronghold Creator mode, where players design their own strongholds for others to attempt in Raid Mode. The game also offers a "Last Mobley Standing" mode, a survival challenge where players navigate a dungeon, battling monsters and other players to be the last one standing.

At the core of Elder's Grace are the Mobleys, each with a unique DNA comprising 15 genes that influence their class, stats, abilities, and skills. These stats include Hit Points (HP), Mana, Attack, Defense, Perception, and Luck, determining a Mobley's performance in battles and exploration. The game also features nine distinct elemental attack types, with each Mobley having affinities and resistances that affect the damage dealt and received.

As players progress, Mobleys earn experience points (XP), leveling up and gaining boosts in base stats. The Ability Grid is a key feature where players use resources and in-game currency to enhance Mobleys' abilities and unlock new potential. The grid offers stat increases, active abilities, and passive abilities, all determined by a Mobley's unique DNA.

Breeding is a vital aspect, allowing players to create new Mobleys with combined DNA from their parents, potentially resulting in rare mutations. Each parent contributes five DNA strings per gene, creating a vast array of possibilities for offspring traits.

The game also introduces the concept of "Elders," powerful beings whose favor can be earned by Mobleys through completing quests or achievements. Gaining an Elder's grace enhances a Mobley's attributes, skills, and can even grant unique cosmetic items. Players are encouraged to strategically choose which Elders to align with to maximize benefits.

Additionally, the game features enhancement gems, valuable items that augment Mobley's abilities. These gems can be found or crafted from gem shards, providing bonuses to base stats and adding new abilities. Mobleys have multiple slots for these gems, which can be increased through leveling up, allowing for diverse customization and strategic planning.

Token Information

Elder's Grace incorporates two types of tokens within its ecosystem: the RYAL governance token and the CHIP in-game currency token. The RYAL token serves multiple purposes, including governance, stronghold card upgrades, purchasing Hero NFT cards, leaderboard rewards, staking, Dex liquidity farming, and Hero NFT leasing fees. This token is integral for players who wish to have a say in the game's development and also for those looking to enhance their gaming experience by upgrading their stronghold cards or acquiring new Hero NFTs.

On the other hand, the CHIP token is primarily used within the game's economy. It can be utilized for breeding fees, stronghold card upgrades, rewards from stronghold and adventure modes, Dex liquidity farming, and land discovery fees. This in-game currency is essential for players looking to expand and strengthen their Mobleys, as well as for participating in various aspects of the game's economy.


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