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Elemental Raiders

Elemental Raiders

Games For A Living
Strategy, RPG
Not available


Elemental Raiders is a strategy RPG blockchain game that allows players to summon, battle, and strategize with powerful elemental heroes. The game is rooted in a digital collectible system where players can acquire and trade hero NFTs. These NFTs form the core of the game mechanics, influencing battles and strategic outcomes. The game is available on PC and mobile platforms.


Elemental Raiders presents a mix of strategy and action as players embark on a journey with their chosen elemental heroes. Each hero is aligned with one of the major elements, like fire, water, or earth, possessing unique abilities and traits. The hero NFTs form the backbone of the player's team, and their rarity and stats determine their efficacy in battles. Players must be wary of elemental affinities, which can turn the tide of battle, making the right hero choice crucial.

The game offers a diverse range of engaging game modes for players to explore. In Arena PvP, participants engage in intense battles, testing their strength, strategy, and mastery of heroes. The outcome hinges on the careful composition of heroes and their strategic deployment on the battlefield. Raids, categorized as competitive PvE, involve players pooling their strengths to tackle challenging PvE content with the aim of achieving the highest scores and unlocking valuable in-game rewards.

For those seeking a more relaxed experience, the Friendly Match mode provides an opportunity to hone skills without the pressure of rankings, allowing players to pit their heroes against friends or AI opponents. Tournaments, falling under the PvP category, offer a heightened level of competition as players face off in bracket-style contests, vying for dominance and the chance to earn prestigious rewards.

The Battle Pass is another feature that provides players with quests and challenges to accomplish. Completing these challenges earns them exclusive rewards. The game also facilitates a marketplace where players can trade hero NFTs, leveraging the value and rarity of their collectibles.

Token Information

Elemental Raiders incorporates two key tokens within its ecosystem, each serving distinct purposes. Games For A Living Token (GFAL) is the game's primary currency and the governance token, empowering players to acquire in-game assets and partake in various features. Beyond facilitating transactions, GFAL aligns with the overarching vision of Elemental Raiders, enabling players to earn rewards while immersed in gameplay. The introduction of GFAL ensures a seamless transition of in-game achievements into tangible, monetizable rewards, enhancing the overall player experience.

Elemental Crystals (EC), a premium in-game currency that holds a pivotal role in the Elemental Raiders economy, EC offers players a versatile toolset, enabling them to purchase, upgrade, and trade hero NFTs, thereby elevating their gaming encounters.


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