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Pixion Games
Action, RPG, Strategy
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Fableborne is an isometric free-to-play multiplayer action RPG blockchain game that features base-building mechanics in the realm known as the Shatterlands. With its emphasis on user-generated content, diverse factions, and customizable heroes, Fableborne provides an engaging gaming experience with competitive elements and creative freedom. The game is available on mobile devices.


In Fableborne, players navigate the shattered realms of the Shatterlands, a world fragmented into islands by a mysterious cataclysm. The primary objective is to compete for scarce resources, enhance your power, and fortify your island against raiding enemies. As a Fableborne, you construct and reinforce your island defenses, unlocking and upgrading heroes from the past to engage in both asynchronous PvP battles and challenging PvE encounters.

The game's core loop revolves around user-generated content (UGC), allowing players to construct unique defense layouts and raid other players' islands for victory and rewards. The variability in starter-level islands and upgrade paths adds strategic depth to the gameplay. Players must carefully balance raiding, defending, and shaping their island to optimize defense strategies.

Fableborne features an engaging base-building system where players utilize resources to upgrade their islands into formidable strongholds. The creative freedom extends to personalizing the base with various strategic upgrades. In the event of a failed defense, players can seek revenge by raiding the attacker, analyzing replays to improve their defensive structures, and collecting resources contributing to Hero upgrades.

Starter-level islands offer diverse shapes and upgrade paths, allowing for evolving layouts. Defense units and heroes provide a variety of winning defense and attack strategies. Success in raiding, defending, and strategic island shaping is crucial for progression. The Shatterlands' exploration transforms players into Fableborne, enabling raids, defense upgrades, and island expansion. As combat experience grows, players strengthen their bond with heroes, unlocking new powers to conquer challenges.

Fableborne's Heroes play diverse combat roles, allowing players to form formidable squads by strategically combining strengths and weaknesses. Unlocking new talents enhances hero power, with customizable talent trees for specialization. Passive traits, known as talents, upgrade various hero attributes and abilities. In-game currencies, such as Gold and Esper, earned through raiding and resource gathering facilitate the construction and upgrading of defense units and enhance hero talents.

Fableborne introduces four powerful factions with unique principles and beliefs, shaping the lore and political landscape of the Shatterlands. Players can control Echoes, fragmented copies of fabled heroes, during raids. Echoes are customizable NFT characters, providing almost limitless customization through a rogue-lite upgrade system.

Players can participate in time-limited tournaments and seasonal league events, competing for exclusive rewards and prestige. Fableborne includes a seasonal league rank system accessible to all players, along with the high-value Pixion League, offering rewards and potential prize pools for top-performing players. The game caters to players of all skill levels, maintaining accessibility while offering depth for mastery.

Token Information

While specific details about tokens were not provided, it's essential to mention that Fableborne may incorporate blockchain tokens. These tokens could potentially be used in the game's marketplace for trading NFTs, upgrading heroes, or participating in various in-game activities. The integration of blockchain technology adds value to the gaming ecosystem by introducing tokenized assets and fostering a player-driven economy.


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