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MMO, Action, Strategy
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Farsite is a blockchain-based play-to-earn, space sandbox MMORTS NFT game that utilizes the Ethereum and Polygon networks with its NFT assets, cryptocurrencies FAR, and CREDITS. In the game, every item is created by a player, using the materials found and collected by another player. The entire economy in the game is completely under the control of the players.


In Farsite, players can decide their own destiny and gameplay style by selecting a career path; players can be a hauler to deliver goods to earn CREDITS by moving goods between stations and planets, a miner to establish a base to mine and refine resources for a profit, a manufacturer to craft components, modules, and ships by acquiring raw or refined materials from miners, a soldier to become a pirate to collect the precious loot of others, or a mercenary to protect haulers and traders, an explorer to discover the vast universe and search for exotic materials, a governer to control a star system and set their own rules, collect taxes from marketplaces and hire mercenaries to force corporations to develop in their territory, a recruiter to recruit new pilots and earn CREDITS from every action of their recruits, a politician to form alliances, corporations, define and lead roles, and play a role in the global dominance, and lastly, a trader to make a profit by trading precious items by forming well-guarded space caravans.

The universe of Farsite is divided into sections and sub-sections, just like the actual space. Constellations are groups of stars in the universe that contain stars, star systems have many planets to be explored by players, planets are the primary source of materials such as ores and minerals, and also a place to establish a base, sectors are pieces of planets’ surface which are divided into many land plots that can be acquired by players to construct bases, and extract resources. Aside from these, players also encounter space stations which are a hub for all operations in a constellation, such as trading, parking, customizing, refueling, repairing, storing, etc. Gates or gateways are the entrance points of star systems, players can use gateways to jump to another star system. The universe also has asteroids all over to be mined to collect minerals from them. Mining on an asteroid or a comet is a relatively fast way to get resources for players. 

Each item in the game is an NFT asset and can be produced by a player. There are eight different types of items in the game such as blueprints, ship hulls, modules, components, ammunition, crates, stickers, and resources. Considering that the items in these categories also have different rarity levels, tiers, and types, thousands of items can be found in the game.

Token Information

Farsite uses CREDITS as its official cryptocurrency, and it is represented as FAR tokens on the Ethereum network. The ratio of conversion is 1 FAR:1000 CREDITS. Every in-game purchase, fee, etc, use CREDITS to perform that action. Players can get credits from selling items on the marketplace, completing contracts and quests, receiving taxes from the governed star system, payments for their provided services, etc. With CREDITS, players can purchase items from the marketplace, and sectors on a planet, explore new worlds, build a base on the planets, create blueprints, open a job/contract, refuel, repair, repaint, customize, store a ship on a station, etc. 


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