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Kingdom Story: Heroes War

Kingdom Story: Heroes War

In Development
Kingdom Story: Heroes War
RPG, Strategy
Not available


Kingdom Story: Heroes War is a free-to-play blockchain strategy role-playing game where players can collect hero NFTs and earn KID and BKT tokens. Kingdom Story: Heroes War revolves around collecting and nurturing an expansive roster of heroes from the Three Kingdoms era, including iconic factions such as Wei, Shu, and Wu. It's accessible on the web and on mobile devices.


Kingdom Story: Heroes War offers various modes; crusades, boss battles, ladder matches, arena duels, and campaigns. These modes require different strategies; players need to assemble teams of heroes from seven different elemental types and classes.

The Campaign mode consists of two distinct playstyles: normal and elite. Players can embark on this story mode to earn various rewards as they progress. Elite mode introduces stronger enemies, offering increased rewards and the possibility of acquiring officer medals to recruit new heroes. World Domination presents a territorial war mode where players aim to conquer over 60 castles. Securing these castles involves dealing with a myriad of obstacles, including invaders, thieves, and diplomatic negotiations. Players can also take on colossal boss dungeons in the Boss Battle mode daily. And in the Alliance Battle mode, players join forces to combat waves of enemies and gain rewards. 

The Arena offers PvP battles, where players compete using their decks. Victorious players earn win points and Arena points, which can be used to purchase items from the Arena shop. Ladder Match is another PvP mode with a ranking system. Unlike the Arena, Ladder Match features auto-battles. Lastly, the World Championship is a seasonal PvP event that determines the top player based on their decks. Players earn rewards with their grade at the end of each season.

Heroes are categorized into five classes: warrior, marshal, bowmaster, monarch, and strategist. To build formidable decks, players must balance hero classes and blend their strengths and abilities. Additionally, heroes possess seven elemental attributes: darkness, divine, fire, frost, lightning, physical, and nature.

The growth of these heroes is central to gameplay. There are various systems that allow players to enhance their heroes' abilities. Heroes gain experience points primarily through battles. They can undergo up to five upgrades after reaching the maximum level for their respective grades. Upgrading enhances their stats, with higher-grade heroes experiencing faster stat increases. Using a hero of the same grade as the material guarantees the upgrade, while lower-grade heroes reduce the chance of success.

Ranking up is only possible after a hero reaches +5 upgrades. Each hero can be ranked up three times, unlocking higher-level growth potential and enhanced stats. Additionally, players can awaken heroes, which requires Yu Ji's Reserve or Yu Ji’s Tokens. Awakening raises heroes to level 99 and grants significant bonuses to attack and health. Ascension represents the maximum level, which is 100. Successful ascension enhances their fundamental attributes: force, intellect, and leadership.

Each hero can learn and upgrade four skills according to their grade. The first skill, known as the active skill, can be used directly by players during battles. The remaining three skills are primarily passive or automatically activated abilities.

Token Information

KID acts as both the governance token and the utility token. It can be used to purchase NFTs from Heroes War's native marketplace. Token holders also gain voting rights within the game's future DAO. The in-game item DIA can be exchanged for KID. Players can obtain DIA through PVP content and special events like ladder matches and the world championship. 

During the beta phase, BKT temporarily replaces KID. Players receive BKT as rewards for their active participation and contributions to the game's ecosystem during the beta. At the conclusion of the beta service, BKT can be exchanged for KID at a predetermined rate through an airdrop.


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